Extending a Capsule Wardrobe with Colour and Accessories

When you don’t want to buy new clothes but do want to have a new look in your wardrobe the easiest way to do it is by adding some colour in the form of accessories. In fact building a capsule wardrobe of accessories means you can wear the same core wardrobe pieces but give them a refresh.

I’ve chosen capsule wardrobe staples of jeans and a T-shirt and an easy jersey dress then added some coloured accessories and cardigans. Buy a couple of pieces in your accent colour such as a bag, scarf and shoes – a cardigan in an accent is a good idea too because you can add it to any of your neutrals to make them more interesting. See below how the simple jeans outfit becomes more stylish with the addition of co-ordinating accessories and a cardigan.

If you add three or four pieces in your accent colour to your wardrobe you don’t have to wear them all at once you can vary which you choose for each outfit.

A casual option with a bright blue.

Adding colour to a capsule wardrobe

Casual smart with red and a jacket style cardigan.

Adding colour to a capsule wardrobe

A feminine but still grown up version in pink.

Adding colour to a capsule wardrobe

And a fun version with yellow.

Adding colour to a capsule wardrobe

Now is a good time to buy with the sales on as you can buy 3 or 4 pieces for what you might have spent on two.

Where to buy:

Jeans // T-shirt // Jersey dress // Blue cardigan // Necklace // Blue bag // Blue shoes // Blue scarf//

Red cardigan/ jacket // Red/blue scarf // Red tote // Red shoes //

Pink cardigan // Stripe tote // Pink shoes // Heart necklace //

Yellow stripe scarf // Yellow bag // Yellow trainers // Yellow cardigan // Navy mules //

Or click on images below:

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