Summer Occasion Wear to Suit Your Budget

The summer season is just about here with weddings, Ascot, Wimbledon and Henley Festival to name a few. If you are attending an event your first thought is probably what to wear. Before you start doing the rounds decide on a budget and check any dress codes for the event you are attending.

I’ve heard horror stories where people have been turned away from events because their dress wasn’t on or below the knee. Ascot revised it’s rules on hats for the Royal Enclosure a few years ago; you can no longer wear a fascinator, the base of your head piece must be 4in or 10cm in diameter. You can wear trousers but they must match your top. See the full details for all enclosures here.

Henley Regatta on the other hand insists on dresses below the knee and divided skirts, culottes and trousers are strictly forbidden in the Steward’s Enclosure. Hats aren’t required but are customary.

For Henley Festival it’s Black Tie for men and long or short evening wear for ladies. Wimbledon has relaxed its dress code for debenture holders this year and now pretty much anything goes. But if you are attending as part of a business social event I would recommend making a bit of an effort and wearing a dress, comfortable wedges or shoes and taking a cardigan in case it’s chilly and of course an umbrella!

I’ve created some outfits that you can copy or use as a basis for planning your outfit for any of these events. Each group is in 3 price brackets of Budget, High Street (higher end) and Designer.

What to wear for Royal Ascot:

What to wear to Royal Ascot

Budget – Print dress // White Jacket // Black hat // Black clutch // Black Sandals //

Mid – Orange jacket // Print dress // White Hat // Orange bag // Orange shoes //

Designer – Ivory jacket // Print dress // Gold hat // Gold bag // Suede shoes //

What to wear to a Church Wedding:

what to wear to a church wedding

Budget – White print dress // Pink jacket // Pink hat // White clutch // White shoes //

Mid – Blue fascinator // Dress // Blue clutch // Blue sandals //

Designer – Print coat // Red dress // Black hat // Red clutch // Black sandals

What to wear to Wimbledon:

What to wear to Wimbledon

Budget – Yellow/blue print dress // Yellow cardigan // Yellow bag // Yellow wedges //

Mid – Blue print dress // Ivory cardigan // Blue bag // Wedges //

Designer – Yellow print dress // Yellow cardigan // White bag // Yellow wedges //

What to wear for an evening event:

What to wear , summer evening events

Budget – White/black print dress // Black clutch // Black sandals //

Mid – Blue print dress // Blue clutch // Blue shoes //

Designer – Red dress // Necklace // Gold bag // Gold shoes //

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