How to Add Bright Colours to Your Capsule Wardrobe

If you love bright colours but think they aren’t right for you, how can you add them into your capsule wardrobe and make them work? There are several options; you can wear them as an accessory, away from the face, mixed with one of your best colours or choose to break the “rules” and wear it because you love it.

The Soft dominant is the one that will find bright colours most tricky so for them I’d recommend just keeping the colour away from the face. Wear it lower down the body in a skirt or bright jeans. Brights have it easy as their palette is full of these colours which they should mix with other colours for contrast. For Deeps mix with Navy, Charcoal or Black, Cools should wear it in contrast, again with Navy or one of their Greys.

How to wear bright colours, adding brights to a capsule wardrobe

Orange cardigan // Yellow top // Aqua dress // Multi coloured sandals // Green bag // Scarf // Green Camisole // Orange shoes // Blue skirt // Yellow bag // Pink top // Red jeans //

Here is a great example from LK Bennett for how a Soft or Light could wear bright colour:

How to wear bright colours, adding brights to a capsule wardrobe

Skirt // Top // Shoes //

Pull the look together by adding shoes that match the bright colour in the print of the skirt. This is a good rule to follow if you are adding a bright colour to your existing capsule wardrobe. Don’t just add one piece as it will stand out and look out of place.

How to wear bright colours, adding brights to a capsule wardrobe

Pink jacket // Dress // Pink bag // Pink shoes // Ivory jacket // Ivory clutch // Ivory sandals //

This bright print dress includes both warm and cool colours. The Cool or Bright can go all out with a Hot Pink jacket and accessories, alternatively “tone” it down with Ivory.

White is also great option to pair with brights during the summer. For example white linen trousers and T-shirt with a bright pink or orange cardigan. Or just add bright shoes and bag.

Here are a few more options of how to wear bright colours:

How to wear bright colours, adding brights to a capsule wardrobe

Blue top // Necklace // Orange bag // White trousers // Stripe top // Navy jacket // Necklace // Red bag // Navy  trainers //

See above how in each outfit there is more than one item in the bight colour – this is what pulls the outfit together and makes it work rather than one piece standing out alone. The first option wouldn’t look wrong with just the orange cardigan, but it looks complete with the bag and necklace added.

One final tip – a bright colour will draw attention so avoid wearing it on the areas you would rather people weren’t looking at.

Will you be adding brights to your summer wardrobe?

If you aren’t sure which colours suit you why not order my online colour analysis; the Personalised Colour Dossier, so that you can mix colours with confidence.