How to Create the Perfect Wardrobe – Part 3 How to Discover Your Style Profile

This week it’s all about putting your own style into what you wear, but first you need to do some investigative work. You may have read about this or even at some point done a quiz to determine whether you are “natural”, “dramatic” etc. This is fine for generalising but we don’t all fit easily into one of five or six boxes. So what can you do to decide for yourself what works for you?

Personal style is a unique mix of different elements, for example, colour, shape, proportion, texture, era and much more. So it’s all about deciding which of these elements are important to you and the balance.

Here are some tools you can use to start to build up your own “picture” or style profile:

  • Magazines – are you a lover of glossy magazines? Which features interest you most? Do you like the fashion pages or are you more attracted to the home or cooking section? Which adverts grab your attention? Try to decide what element of each it is that attracts you, is it the colours, the location, a sense of calm or high energy?
  • Films – what type of films do you like? Are you a lover of old romantic films, thrillers, adventure? And what is it about them? Is it the fashion, where they are shot? How the director uses lighting?
  • Nature – where do you love to be? Are you a city or country girl or is the seaside your dream location? Are there particular flowers you love and if so why? Think about their shape and colour. Which is your favourite season? Do you enjoy the bright colours that announce spring and early summer or the dusky hues of late summer and autumn or the stark contrasts of winter?


  • Surroundings – what does your home look like? Is it sleek and modern with clean lines and surfaces or is it cosy with lots of cushions, rugs, throws and ornaments? Which is your favourite room and why?


  • Online – blogs and websites; what attracts you to certain sites? Are they busy and colourful or is there plenty of white space, or are they very sleek and monochrome? What is the tone of the site? Is it factual and informative or is it more chatty and relaxed?
  • Style Icons – who’s style appeals to you and why? Are they polished and minimal like Victoria Beckham or laid back and casual like Jennifer Aniston? Or maybe they are a bit wacky like Sarah Jessica Parker.
  • – you can view all the catwalk pictures from each season’s collections to see what shapes, colours and even whole collections appeal to you.


Start making lists of different elements you have discovered:

Colours – which appeared most frequently in all of the information you gathered? Was there a group of colours that came up several times?

How to define your personal style

Orange/Red Print dress // Orange/brown print dress // Taupe dress // Yellow beaded dress //

Specific Items – did the same item appear several times?

Fabrics and textures – what feeling did you get from them was it soft and luxurious like silk and cashmere or were you more attracted to fabrics with some substance like leather and denim?

Themes – was there an overall theme? Could you sum it up in a word like minimalist or luxurious? How would you describe yours?

From your lists see if you can come up with some specific words to describe what you want to incorporate into your style profile. For example I might have warm and rich for colours, soft, luxurious and sensual for fabrics, feminine and chic for shapes and my overall theme as Italian influenced (basically give me the budget for Armani and I would be very happy!) Try to come up with as many as you can that really give you the right feeling about what you want to incorporate into your personal style. Don’t worry if some of them seem to contradict each other – I like both muted blends of neutrals and fiery colours.

Next week we will start breaking down the words and themes to see how they can be incorporated into your wardrobe.

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Catwalk pictures from all others Pinterest.