How to Create the Perfect Wardrobe – Part 1 All About Colour

Colour plays a huge role in what we wear every day, even subconsciously; on a “fat” day we might reach for the slimming black and on a day when we want to grab attention we might choose red. Our feelings about colour start at an early age, as a girl your mother may have dressed you in pink so you now think it’s not a serious colour, you may find a colour comforting if it is the colour of your childhood comfort toy, you may hate green or grey because you had to wear it to school everyday. (As an aside which cruel person decided school knickers should be bottle green?) So although you aren’t necessarily conscious of it the colours you choose might have more meaning than you think.

Building colour into your wardrobe has two areas of consideration; what suits you and what you love, and they may not be the same!

Your best colours and how to find them

Colour analysis has been around for some time now and I can remember back in the early nineties thinking that I didn’t want to be “told” what colours I should be wearing. I resisted “having my colours done” for quite a while despite working with a lady who did colour and wanted to do me. However, eventually I did succumb and it really was a revelation, so much so that here I am telling you all about colour! I entered her room dressed as a Summer and came out as an Autumn (initially thinking ugh sludge, until she pointed out they were Armani colours at which point I embraced them wholeheartedly) Since then the way I analyse has moved on and become far more flexible, no more four seasonal boxes into which you would be unceremoniously dumped! I follow the Dominant colouring technique but I tweak that to suit each individual too so just because you are Deep like me I might suggest a different set of colours for you.

Your best colours

Why does it matter whether you wear colours that suit you?

Well there are several benefits:

  • You have a wardrobe of clothes that work together – you won’t end up with a mish mash of colours that means you can’t pull an outfit together
  • Wearing colours that suit you can make you look younger and healthier
  • You will start to receive compliments on how well you look
  • People will notice you rather than the colour you are wearing
  • You stand out as someone who is well put together

In order for you to try and figure out which colours are right for you, see which of the¬†following¬†descriptions most suits you – but remember I’m not dictating what you should or shouldn’t wear this just tells you which colours suit you, what you actually choose is also down to your personality.

You have LIGHT colouring if:

  • You have a light and delicate porcelain complexion
  • Your eyes are pale (blue or green)
  • You have light blonde, silver or white hair
  • You have fair brows and eye lashes

Your best colours

You have DEEP colouring if:

  • You have dark hair from brown to black
  • You have dark brown eyes
  • You have a rich, strong look

Your best colours

You have WARM colouring if:

  • You have strawberry blonde, red or auburn hair
  • You may have green, brown or blue eyes
  • You have porcelain skin with freckles or a deep golden skin

Your best colours

You have COOL colouring if:

  • You have pink cheeks of if you have dark skin with a blue tinge to your skin
  • You have ash, silver grey or white hair
  • You are most likely to have blue or grey eyes

Your best colours

You have BRIGHT colouring if:

  • Your eyes are your most striking feature they may be bright blue, green or a clear brown
  • You have dark hair and brows
  • You skin is either porcelain or clear and dark

Your best colours

You have SOFT colouring if:

  • You have blonde to mid brown hair – often described as mousey
  • Your eyes are soft green, brown or blue
  • Your skin tone is medium depth
  • You have an overall blended look without contrast

Your best colours

Once you have determined which colour dominant is yours, you can start to incorporate some of these accent colours into your wardrobe. There are some universal colours that we can all wear so if you choose these you won’t go far wrong.

Neutral and Universal colours:

Your best colours and how to wear themNeutrals are great for the foundation blocks of a capsule wardrobe because all your accent colours will go with them. So if you have lots of colour in your wardrobe already but things don’t go together add some neutrals.

wearing colour

The next step to creating a wardrobe you love is choosing colours that make you feel good. What if having decided on your colour dominant you have looked at the colours above and you don’t really like those that suit you? What if your colouring is soft but you really love bright colours?

This is where you can start bending the rules to suit you (and this includes wearing black!) As a simple rule if you keep colours that do suit you close to your face you can still wear those that don’t. Let’s say you have a pair of black trousers that are a staple in your wardrobe and you have light colouring. That’s fine, wear the black trousers but add a top in a light blue, aqua or pink. If it’s a black jacket, wear a colour that does suit you in a top, scarf or necklace. So if your colouring is cool and you have fallen in love with an Orange bag just use it when you wear Navy.

Bear in mind too that the colours above are a very small selection, there are hundreds of colours that suit you and it’s hard to match a colour exactly. If you are out shopping for a top in Apricot, you will probably never find that exact colour, it doesn’t really matter if you come home with one in Salmon or Terracotta but if you bought one in Hot Pink it’s not going to work the same way. Just try to find colours that blend well with those that suit you and don’t stand out or jar.

Sometimes you can break the rules completely – if you are dramatic and like to make an entrance you might feel a bit bland in soft colours, so choose what you love and what makes you feel good, because if you feel confident in what you are wearing does it really matter if that colour is exactly right for you?

If you still haven’t figured out which colours suit you why not order my online colour analysis. You will discover which dominant type you are, your best neutrals and accent colours, as well as makeup colours, jewellery and glasses. You will also find out how to mix and wear your colours and which of the seasonal trend colours will work for you – oh and if you still want to, how to wear black.