Spring Capsule Wardrobe Part 7 – Choosing Knits

This week in the final stages of creating a Spring capsule wardrobe I am looking at knits and how to choose those that will be useful and will suit you.

If you are a UK reader you will know that even in the summer unless the forecast is for unbroken sunshine and 80 degrees we are unlikely to leave the house without at least taking a knit with us. We have been known to have both heat waves and snow at Easter so it’s always better to err on the side of caution!

When creating a capsule wardrobe that will encompass both workwear and leisure wear it’s important to consider which pieces will work for both. For example chunky knits are less formal and therefore not great for the office unless you work in a relaxed environment or have a Dress Down Friday. Slogan knits have also been popular for the last few seasons but personally I feel just too old for them. That’s not to say you shouldn’t wear them (maybe not for work) but they just aren’t for me.

Here are a selection of knits with styling tips and who they are best for.

Starting with cardigans:

choosing cardigans for capsule wardrobe

Top row – the classic cardigan. The slim fit pink cardigan with a V neck is ideal for those with an hourglass figure or a full bust. Wear smart for work with a camisole either under a jacket or alone on more casual days.

Mint green – Good for those with a straight body shape as it is more boxy but would still work on curves, leave the top few buttons open with a full bust and possibly go a size up so it doesn’t pull.

Orange – The crop style is good for those with a long torso and shorter legs. Good worn open over a summer dress.

Silver grey – A looser fitting style which makes it good for apple shapes and straight bodies, but it also makes it more casual – better for Dress Down days or weekends.

Middle row – The shrug is good for those who want to wear sleeveless dresses and tops but don’t want to show upper arms. It works well over a formal dress for a wedding or evening event. Suits all body shapes but choose a straight hem rather than a curve if you have a straight body.

The Knit jacket – Either fitted or looser styling for those with no waist. Good for replacing a jacket on more casual days or with casual jeans and trousers at the weakend.

The longer length cardigan looks good with trousers and jeans. If you are tall or have long legs go for the knee length option. For curves choose a waterfall style like the pink one. One word of caution, don’t choose a cardigan that ends at your widest point.

Pink cardigan Phase Eight // Mint cardigan Hobbs //Orange cardigan Boden // Silver grey cashmere cardigan Whistles // Shrug Phase Eight // Knitted blue trim jacket Armani jeans // Ivory knit jacket Maxmara // Ivory thigh length cardigan Reiss // Pink waterfall cardigan Phase Eight // Grey Long cardigan Whistles //


choosing jumpers for capsule wardrobe

Top row – Fine knits, a T-shirt style knit works well under a suit without making it bulky and the first two options would take you from desk to an evening event.

Middle row – more relaxed styles like these can still be worn for more causal days at work with a pair of tailored trousers and a scarf or long pendant necklace. The navy version conceals larger tummies and the boxy windowpane knit would work well on a straighter body shape.

Bottom row – chunkier knits and more relaxed styles are best kept for the weekend. A chunkier knit like the ivory one will add bulk so is good if you are slim or smaller on your top half. Avoid dropped shoulder seams though if you have wide shoulders. Wearing a bright colour on your top half will draw the attention there and away from your bottom half.

Sparkle knit Reiss // Jewel trim top Maxmara // Fine coral knit Reiss // Windowpane knit Reiss // Navy jumper Phase Eight // Ivory jumper Reiss // Stripe knit Hobbs // Chunky ivory knit Maxmara // Orange knit Armani jeans //

I will be selecting the tops and knits from this and the last post before the next part of the series, which is about choosing accessories.

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