10 Wardrobe Tricks for Dressing with Confidence

We all have days when we don’t feel our best, we wish we were 7lbs lighter or that we hadn’t missed our last hair appointment because we were too busy. And it’s Sods Law that’s the day you have an important meeting or event. So whenever you feel in need of a little extra confidence keep these tricks at hand, hopefully some or all of them will work for you.

1) Find your best red lipstick and wear it with panache. Choose a raspberry red for cool skin tones and tomato red for warm skin tones.

2) Wear a pair of fabulous heels.

3) Add a statement accessory to turn jeans and a sweater into an outfit. In my case it would always be a scarf but yours could be a necklace, bag or earrings. Choose whatever makes you feel happy.

4) Find a really good pair of slimming jeans. Mine would be high waisted and slim legged. Good brands to look for are Salsa, NYDJ (Not your daughter’s jeans and Ida by Donna Ida)

5) Manicure your nails and use you hands when you speak – draw attention away from what you’d rather didn’t get noticed.

confidence tricks for dressing with style

6) Wear a colour that makes you feel energised and you know you look your best in.

7) Choose a figure flattering dress that skims over the areas you want to conceal and flatters your curves. Look for draping and ruching and fabrics with an element of elastane.

8) Whatever size you are get¬†your bra professionally fitted – it can make you look pounds slimmer if you are full busted or curvier if you aren’t.

9) Have a signature outfit that’s comfortable and that you feel good in for those days when you just want to pull something out of the wardrobe and throw it on. For me that’s the great fitting jeans with a slim leg (to balance a looser style top) a loose tunic sweater with a scarf, a small heel to make legs look longer and a classic tote bag.

10) I’m not keen on most shaping underwear because I find it so uncomfortable, especially if you will be wearing it for several hours. My secret is to wear shaping tights instead which don’t cut off all circulation and you won’t spend half an hour in the Ladies getting in and out of them!

confidence tricks for dressing with style

Do you use any of these tricks or do you have some of your own? Leave a comment if you want to share them.

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