Styling Tips for Dressing Your Shape – Pear

One of the questions I regularly get asked is “What suits my body shape” especially since most advice is a little dated. Even if you saw a style consultant some years ago you may still need to update your look. (And please, how often are you really going to take a little book of pencil drawn images of skirts and necklines with ticks for your body shape, shopping with you? I thought not!)

With the likes of Beyonce and The Kardashians constantly making headlines some women have grown to love the fact that their hips and bottom are wider than their top half. If however, you prefer to disguise this fact here are my top tips for balancing out a pear shaped body.

Trousers for Pear Shape

what to wear pear shape, trousers for pear shape

Top LK Bennett // Jacket and trousers Hobbs // Bag and Shoes LK Bennett// T shirt, jacket and bag Boden // Necklace // Boots //

Why this works – Trousers with a straight or wide leg balance out the shoulder and hip area. Brighter colours on top draw the eye up. If you add a bright bag make sure it sits under the arm or is held down by your lower leg – avoid one that sits on the hip as that will draw attention to the area you want to conceal.

Choose straight or boot cut jeans and layer the top half of your body. Pick a dark rinse pair of jeans and avoid any fading or detailing on the hip or thigh area. Chunky knits work well if you have small shoulders and bust. The lapels on the knit jacket give the illusion of width and the necklace brings the eye up.

Dresses & Skirts for Pear Shape

what to wear pear shape, dresses and skirts for pear shape

Cardigan LK Bennett // Skirt Jigsaw // Shoes Hobbs // Dress LK Bennett // Jacket Hobbs // Shoes Whistles // Jacket La Fee Maraboutee // Dress Sportmax // Shoes LK Bennett

Why this works – Choose softer fabrics for your bottom half and A-line, flared or wider pleats that flow over the hips. Avoid Tulip and tight pencil skirts. Layer a cardigan over a camisole and a jacket over both.

For dresses choose shapes that show off your waist but as with skirts have an A-line or flared skirt. Wear a lighter coloured or detailed jacket to draw the eye away from your hip and make sure the jacket doesn’t end at your widest point.

In Summary – don’t be obsessive just remember one or two of these tips, confidence is what really makes a difference:

  • Choose darker colours for the bottom half and lighter or brighter tops
  • Wear stripes in a top but not across your hips
  • Wear softer fabrics for skirts
  • Choose wide leg or straight trousers
  • Avoid low slung belts or any details on the hips
  • Finish tops and jackets above or below your widest part
  • Choose jackets with wider lapels or shoulder details
  • Wear knits with a dropped shoulder

If you have a Style Dilemma or would like me to create a Capsule Wardrobe for your body shape get in touch.