What to Wear – Christmas Day, Home or Away

What does your Christmas day have in store for you? Will you be hosting the day, heading off to the sun or the snow or will it be just two of you relaxed at home?

Which ever it is you will want the right outfits so that you can just enjoy the day. So I’ve come up with 5 alternatives from casual through to more formal. Pick the one that suits you best – or if none of them do get in touch and I will find you the perfect outfit.

A Cosy Christmas at Home

If you spend your life running around and always busy (you are a woman so of course you do!) this may be your ideal Christmas day. The chance to have a lazy start, eating breakfast and opening the Bucks Fizz in your pyjamas. Then dressing in cosy cashmere and comfortable loose clothes that allow you to enjoy your turkey while you sit in front of the fire. You may venture out for a stroll to walk off lunch when you will add a cosy scarf and coat to keep out the chill.

What to wear, Cosy Christmas at home


I’ve chosen pieces from Hush Homewear who do the best loungewear that looks as good as it feels.


Christmas at Home & Catering for Guests for Lunch

This will mean making a bit more effort in what you wear. But if you are cooking you want something that is comfortable, will keep you cool in the heat of the kitchen and allow you to enjoy the meal without being too restrictive – a tall order! Your day will probably start early getting the turkey in the oven and doing any preparation so I’d start the day with comfortable super stretchy jeans, a festive deep green T-shirt and a pair of glamorous slippers (just because you’re cooking doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish) keep your apron handy to wear later as well when you are dishing up. I’ve chosen a lace skirt with stretch and a sleeveless top in red with mid height shoes and a red drop necklace for your lunch outfit.

Christmas entertaining at home, what to wear

For these looks I’ve gone to Baukjen for both style and comfort. Shoes, necklace and Apron are from House of Fraser and slippers from Selfridges.


Christmas as a Guest in the City

If you have been invited for Christmas lunch to friends or family and are unsure, check what their expectations are for what people wear. I’d hate to turn up dressed up to the nines to find them in jeans and Christmas jumpers! Equally though, I think if someone else is cooking for you it’s a courtesy to make the effort to dress up. But always best to check. I’ve gone for a very dressy option in a city where you may stroll around the streets looking at the decorations after lunch so I’ve added a pair of boots with a block heel.

What to wear, Christmas in the City

I’ve chosen a fabulous Vivienne Westwood Anglomania dress with matching fire engine red shoes from Hobbsicon. You could only put faux fur over the top couldn’t you?


Christmas in the Sun

If you are jetting off somewhere warm you might spend Christmas day in your swimsuit. If you are looking for swimwear out of season try Figleaves. I’ve chosen sophisticated black with a red beach dress and bright bag for the day.

What to wear, Christmas in the sun

For the evening show off your tan in a strappy dress, add matching high heels and a bit of glitter.


Christmas on the Slopes

If you are off to the slopes for Christmas your main criteria for getting dressed may be keeping warm. So as well as your skiwear pack some cashmere (take a tip from VB and wear a black sweater with your party skirt – she showed how to do it at the British Fasion Awards). I’ve chosen black and silver for these looks and a splash of turquoise so that you will be visible on the ski slopes.

What to wear, Christmas on the slopes

Add a beautiful sheepskin coat that you can wear when you get home too.


Wherever you are spending Christmas day I hope yours is wonderful – and stylish!