What to Wear Under your Party Outfit

With all the party wear posts and glamorous outfits you may be thinking about how you are going to conceal those few extra pounds or just how you can have a smooth line under that slinky dress. The answer is “big girl pants” or shape wear. I’m sure that scene from Bridget Jones immediately comes to mind and if it’s a hot date you are going on I’d suggest wearing something less clingy that doesn’t require shape wear!

However, for those of us on the hundredth or thousandth date here are some options:

The most popular styles still seem to be the cycling shorts, high waist briefs, all in one teddy styles and full slips.

Best known in the shape wear world is Spanx and they really do have something for every figure “problem” – yes even for men now too. Prices are mid to high end but they really do work. I would recommend that you go to the loo 5 minutes before you need to though as they can be fun to get on and off!

For a more budget friendly alternative you can’t beat M&S. Their range has grown considerably and there are some pretty lace pieces┬áthat almost don’t look like shape wear at all.

If it’s only a little bit of support and extra confidence you need I would highly recommend wearing your normal lingerie and just adding a pair of shape wear tights – both Spanx and M&S have a good selection.

Click on the images to buy.

And my top tip – put on a fabulous lipstick and just go and enjoy yourself, life is too short to worry about a few extra pounds.