Does it Matter What You Wear?

How much time did you spend this morning thinking about what to wear? Was your outfit carefully considered, or like most people the first thing that was clean that came to hand? Because I’d like to recommend that tomorrow you do things differently and wear something that you have put some thought into. Better still consider creating a capsule wardrobe. Why? Because I think it contributes more to how your day turns out than you may think.

What we wear each day is how we communicate to the world who we are and how we are feeling without speaking and it affects how people deal with us – even if that’s subconsciously.

We all know the saying “you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression” but do we really think about that when we get dressed in the morning?

Does your exterior image reflect who you are inside? Because your exterior image speaks as loudly, if not louder than what you say. If you think that your outer image doesn’t matter or that taking time on your appearance is “fluffy” what you are saying, whether you mean to or not, is that you and your ideas don’t matter and don’t deserve to be taken seriously.

Personal brand image, capsule wardrobe, executive dress

The value of how you present yourself is often underestimated. We think it’s frivolous or feel guilty about buying new clothes. But looking like you have made an effort and are dressed appropriately for the occasion shows attention to detail and that you believe the situation or event is worth your time and effort. It will also boost your confidence – think about the last time you know you looked good and how that made you feel. The focus should be as much on how what you wear makes you feel as it is on whether it suits you or not. Not paying attention to, or caring about what you wear can be a sign of low self-esteem but as the TV advert says “you’re worth it” if you don’t think so why should your audience?

If you are aiming for the top of your profession, it makes sense to invest in your personal image, with a wardrobe to match your role in the organisation.

Consider creating a capsule wardrobe for the following reasons:

  • It will save you time and money – you get maximum cost per wear so making investments makes financial sense
  • It demonstrates your professionalism
  • It will make mornings easier because everything works together and you can put an outfit together in minutes
  • Your confidence is boosted because you feel good about yourself; every item fits and flatters you
  • Your clothes will get worn! You love every piece so it doesn’t sit at the back of the wardrobe

The truth is that the better you feel about the way you look and present yourself, the more you can relax and really be present in that meeting or important occasion; rather than worrying about whether you should have worn something else. So tomorrow think about what you are going to wear and what message you want to give to the world.

If you would like help in dressing to suit your lifestyle and your personal brand check out the Online Capsule Wardrobe Dossier service, or get in touch if you have a Style Dilemma.