Style isn’t an age it’s an attitude

Since I have started offering the Colour Dossier and Capsule Wardrobe Dossier services I have also seen an increase in readers asking me questions. I’m delighted by this because it means I get to “talk” to you. So please keep your emails coming in if you have a question.

The main theme of the emails is that either you have trouble pulling together outfits and adding accessories without wearing the same thing all the time (the 80/20 rule) or you have lost your way. This could be because your colouring and/or your body shape have changed over the last few years and what worked before no longer does.

Sadly a lot of women will “wait until I’ve lost that half stone” and they have a wardrobe of things that don’t really fit. Those clothes look out at you making you feel guilty about the extra pounds – both in weight and cost. If you are wearing clothes that don’t fit properly this is bound to affect your confidence. You would be far better buying some new pieces that fit you well – cut out the size label if it bothers you – that you can wear now.

style isn't an age it's an attitude

Another common problem is not updating your look. I don’t mean following the latest trends to the nth degree, you know I believe in wearable style, but bring some trends that suit you into your wardrobe and give it a new lease of life. Look at new ways to wear – like the jeans outfit below.

how to wear jeans, update your style

Wearing jeans from frump (left) to on trend (right)

Fifty is the new 40 and 40 is the new 30 etc, so don’t be afraid to try some new colours or styles. There is so much more choice open to us now than there was in our Mother’s time so don’t be afraid to experiment. You can still look fabulous in a pair of jeans at 60 or a leather pencil skirt at 50 it’s just a case of wearing them in a way that is right for you and with confidence.

Here are a few ideas for updating your look:

  1. Find out what colours suit you now, especially if your hair has changed colour. Do it yourself with this page on “your best colours”, or get my help with the Personalised Colour Dossier.
  2. Buy a few new pieces in one of the season’s colours that you now know suit you (after you’ve done number 1)
  3. Take note of new trends – both in styles and shapes and think about how you could incorporate them. For example the pointed flat shoe is a modern interpretation of the Ballet flat. Ballet flats will never go out of style, they still look great with skinny jeans and Capri pants, but they do look dated with a skirt.
  4. Go for a wander around your favourite stores and try on things you wouldn’t normally choose. You don’t have to buy, take pictures in the changing room (yes, you have permission to do the “selfie thing”!) and then review them at home – you may be pleasantly surprised and find that a Boyfriend jean does suit you.
  5. Try some new makeup – my top recommendation is to find your nearest Bobbi Brown counter and book a lesson. They won’t send you away with makeup troweled on but you will get a subtle, modern look.
How to update your look

Skirts and flats from frumpy (left) to on trend (right)

And if you want more detailed advice tailored to you I’d love to help. The Personalised Style Dossier will tell you exactly what suits you and how to update your look.

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