What are Your Clothes Saying about How You Feel?

This is a little heavier than my normal posts but last weekend I did my wardrobe swap over for Autumn and it got me thinking. I found a few old favourites that will get plenty of wear again this year and some pieces that won’t make it into this year’s wardrobe. It can be quite revealing seeing what’s no longer right. Some things simply because they are too worn or no longer physically fit. But other pieces that are not an emotional fit any more. It reminded me how much our emotions can be reflected in what we wear. I noticed that a lot of my wardrobe was in dark neutrals (not a bad thing for a deep) but I would normally add accent colours and more creative combinations. Looking back to last Winter it was clear to me that my creativity was being stifled, I can see that now and this year I’ve already been choosing more creative and colourful outfits.

Putting a wardrobe together for a client can be a revealing and rewarding experience and can in some cases be almost life changing. Which is why I get a little irritated when people think it’s “fluffy”. I’m not a psychologist but I have seen the difference wearing something that makes you feel fantastic can make. Like the lovely client who cried when I had dressed her and done her makeup. She told me she had never bothered because as a child her mother had always told her not to “show off”. Or another who had lost a lot of weight but when she looked in the mirror she still saw someone bigger than she was and despite her achievement and having a fabulous figure she wore loose fitting clothes that did nothing for her gorgeous curves.

I can’t give out confidence, but wearing clothes that make you look and feel good can start the process. As the compliments come in confidence grows.

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Adding colour to simple outfits gives them the “Wow” Factor

If you have got into the rut of always wearing black there are some simple additions you can make to your outfit each day to get you started:

  • Paint your nails in a colour you love – as you go through your day just looking down at your hands will brighten the day.
  • Equally add lipstick if you don’t usually wear it, or if you do choose a red that suits you – fake it while you make it – red lipstick says “I’m confident”.
  • Add a scarf or necklace to liven up a plain outfit.
  • Add colour in your bag or shoes.

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And one of my favourite sources for inspiration is Pinterest. Have a look at my Outfits board to see if there are some looks you like.

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Or leave me a comment or send an email with your style dilemma and I will do my best to help.