How do I Wear Colour?

It’s not an easy question to answer because of course we are all different so there is not one answer that suits everyone.

How to wear colour

Back in the earliest days of colour analysis when you sat in a chair being swathed in drapes of different colours the rules were pretty strict. You may have been told:

“Don’t wear black” – not useful for probably 99% of women who have a wardrobe full of it.

“Wear this colour as 25% of your outfit” – So whilst we are rushing to get dressed in the morning we have to do maths too?

“You need to wear a bright lipstick” – terrifying if you’ve only ever worn Nude.

And many more. Which only served to send you away confused, with a wallet pressed firmly in your had (which you MUST take shopping) and wishing you could wear the colours the person next to you was draped in. Oh and wondering how you are going to live without black!

Well luckily things have changed…

Welcome to the New Rules of Wearing Colour.

These are rules that suit you because you get to break them if you want to.

How to wear blackSo rather than not wearing black, you can wear it in a way that still makes you look good – check out this post on how to wear black.

If orange looks good on you but you hate it then don’t wear it.

And if you have a colour you love that isn’t “one of your colours” wear it with confidence (I have a friend with red hair who loves fuchsia, it shouldn’t work but it does, she looks fabulous in it because she wears it with confidence)

But if you want to make an entrance or command attention you need to know which colour gives you the “WOW” factor and which one to wear for authority. In these cases knowing what does suit you and following the New Rules makes sense.

Do you know which are your best lipstick or eye shadow colours that will make you look like you had a full night’s sleep rather than washed out and drained? These are the rules of colour we want to know the answer to now.

Because as far as fashion colours go, there might be seasonal trends but really pretty much anything goes. Pink and red are “on trend” this season but there are so many variations it’s easy to find one that works for you. You just need to know whether you look better in a lighter or darker pink, or a brighter or softer version.

To answer all these questions and more I’ve created The Personalised Colour Dossier an online service that gives you practical, easy to follow advice. You can still get the free version of what colours suit me here, but if you want your own personalised 20 page dossier then this is the service for you.

As well as telling you which are your best neutral colours (the ones to start building a capsule wardrobe with) it shows you which accent colours to add, colour combinations and how to wear them, what your best makeup colours are, what’s right for you and what to buy from this season’s trends and some sample outifts showing you how to put pieces together.

Get your Personalised Colour Dossier here and start living with the New Rules of Colour that work for you!