How to Wear Leather

It’s one of those questions you ask yourself when you get past a certain age – “Can I wear leather?”

I think it comes down to confidence and within that, the confidence that you feel dressed appropriately. By which I mean you may be confident that you have good legs which would look fabulous in leather leggings but you wouldn’t wear them to parent’s evening (or is that just me!)

This season leather is everywhere in dresses, tops, jackets, skirts and leggings. One brand though has made it easy to add leather into your wardrobe and that’s Baukjen – because even if you are a little fearful of leather, their pieces are so wearable. And they have styled them so beautifully that you can answer the can I wear leather question with “yes I really think I can when it looks like this”.

First, what you might consider the trickiest – the leather legging. Yes they are unforgiving, but worn like this they work. Just cover any areas you don’t feel confident about with a long loose knit which doesn’t end at your widest point. (I am actually seriously craving the whole of the middle look!)

how to wear leather leggings


The same applies with the pencil skirt – if you are confident about your tummy area show it off, if not a looser jumper and shirt combination works really well. If you work in a relaxed environment you could wear any of these combinations to the office too. And I really love the mustard/forest green combination.


how to wear leather pencil skirt


The Biker jacket is everywhere and Baukjen do have a lovely one in their collection too. But what about a leather blazer instead? Available in sensible black and stunning, vibrant orange. Dress down with boyfirend or skinny jeans and up with smarter trousers or a dress.

how to wear leather blazer

Finally the leather dress. This one is a little more tricky because there is nowhere to hide but just add a pair of Spanx if needed and make an entrance. It needs nothing more than a pair of pointed courts and a large envelope clutch.

how to wear leather dress

So have you been encouraged to try leather in your Autumn wardrobe? Have you tried one of the Baukjen pieces – I’d love to know how you got on.