What’s the “Hottest” Shoe of the Season?

You can’t have failed to notice that the espadrille is everywhere. Once peasant footwear originating in the Pyrenees I’m sure the peasants who first wore them would be horrified at the most desired espadrille of the moment – those from Chanel. It’s impossible to buy them online (or probably instore) and they are swapping hands on Ebay at around the £450 mark!

Espadrilles, summer shoe trend

However, for those of us on a smaller budget there are styles in all colours, prints and fabrics to choose from – and at a variety of price points too. There are two brands that do espadrilles really well that are worth investigating if you are happy to invest a little bit more; Penelope Chilvers (you may remember I had a wedge pair last year which by the way, are still in perfect condition) and Tory Burch.

Here are just a few of my picks starting with neutrals, stripes, animal prints and sequins.

Espadrilles, summer shoe trend

Black/white stripe Soludosicon, Gold sequin Stuart Weitzmanicon, Black lace Dune, Taupe/orange stripe Lauren by Ralph Lauren, Snake leather Kurt Geigericon, Leopard print Somerset, Stripe with ties Soludosicon, White lace Dune, Hessian/Animal toe Stuart Weitzmanicon, Bronze sequin Tory Burch.

And some fabulous bright styles

Espadrilles, summer shoe trend

Pink lace Tommsicon, Blue loafers Daniel, Peach stripe Penelope Chilversicon, Orange Daniel, Pink Timberland, Palm tree print Kurt Geigericon, Pink with Bees Penelope Chilvers, Floral Accessorize.

With so many to choose from it’s hard to pick just one pair. I love the Penelope Chilvers bee espadrilles, but then again I’m drawn to the elegant lace, an animal print is nice too and is it just me who can’t resist the sequin ones?

Which would you choose?