Weekly Outfit – Linen

This week’s theme is linen. It’s one of those fabrics you either love – because of it’s summer feel – or hate – because it creases. Technology has moved on so much in the last few years though. So if you haven’t looked at linen for a while give it a try. Choose a linen that is mixed with another fabric like silk. Or go for a sturdier flax linen which won’t crease so badly (there is always at least one suit option from Hobbsicon in flax during the summer months).

Shown here is a gorgeous linen dress for work and a wardrobe staple of wide leg drawstring pants for the weekend. I’ve added an Isabel Marant inspired “folk” jacket for the weekend – again a trend you will either love or hate.

how to wear linen, capsule wardrobe pieces

Where to buy:

jacket Hobbsicon, Dress Boden, Bag Modalu, Sandals Boden. Jacket Monsoon, Top White Stuff, Trousers Boden.