This Season I Want to be…

Armani woman!

Whilst researching new spring trends this week, as often happens I found myself drooling over catwalk pictures on Each season there is one collection that becomes my favorite inspiration. There was Dior a couple of winter’s ago, DVF last summer, Dolce and Gabbana this past autumn but this spring it has to be Giorgio Armani.

Pretty, feminine, luxurious – the colour palette of pale blues, greys, lilacs and pinks and the sheer watermarked fabrics was simply beautiful. And as a self confessed scarf-a-holic I was delighted to see the number of models wearing scarves – I just need to add one of them to my scarf collection (The husband groans, but I do only have 2 Armani scarves in the collection so far so plenty of room for expansion) The collection, unlike some catwalk shows, was all wearable too with some gorgeous soft suiting ideal for those of us with curves.

What do you think?

Girgio Armani spring 2014