Weekend Wear – at the yard

Last week after almost 8 years of pleading we finally took the plunge and bought a horse! We now have two very happy daughters. Other than school holidays I usually don’t have to do the taxi runs to the yard. But now I will certainly be visiting more frequently as I find myself wondering on a daily basis how our lovely boy is. However, with the winter heading towards us standing out in freezing rain watching a lesson isn’t very appealing – unless of course you go prepared. So I’ve been searching for pieces that meet both practical requirements but still look stylish.

First of course is a coat – a lightweight down filled puffa is the perfect solution. And one with some shaping or a belt stops you looking like Michelin man! If the coat doesn’t have a hood then a waterproof hat is essential (horses and umbrellas don’t mix).

I like any excuse to indulge in cashmere and a snood and gloves are next on the list to keep out biting winds. Next I’d choose cosy jumpers and a pair of cords (warmer than denim) and finally finish up with a pair of bright wellies and welly socks to keep your toes toasty.

Of course you don’t have to own a horse to wear this outfit it works just as well for dog walking too.

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Where to buy:

Coat from Aigle, Jumper from Boden, Cords from Phase Eight, Welllies and Wellie socks from Hunter, Waterproof hat from Olney, Cashmere snood and gloves from Hush.

And here is Cal and his happy owners…