Step out of your comfort zone & into Colour!

As I swapped over my autumn wardrobe it struck me that it desperately needed lifting with some colour. It’s so easy on grey days to reach for black, brown and grey (which being a huge fashion statement this season we are likely to see plenty of) But colour psychology tells us that if we want to lift our spirits we need to introduce colour. And there really is no excuse not to as there is plenty of colour around.

So if you are tempted to buy into the grey trend add some colour with it. Being a neutral you can spice it up with red, make it elegant with purple, teal or pine green or add some fun with a dose of animal print just don’t be tempted to go out on a dull day in grey and black!

I can remember a wardrobe I edited and on opening the doors saying to the client “where’s the colour?” it was all black, grey and dark navy with a little white and cream.

Why are so many of us fearful of colour? It may be down to not knowing what suits us (if that’s the case find out here), not knowing how to mix colours together or just plain old laziness – it’s just easy to pull on black when you’re in a hurry. But have you thought about what that says about you and your personality? Do you really want people to think that you are bland?

So here are my top styling tips for wearing colour:

1. By all means start an outfit with a neutral (grey, black, brown, taupe, navy etc) but then add in an accent colour, even if it’s just a shoe or piece of jewellery.

2. Find out which colours suit you – but bear in mind that some colours suit everyone, like teal and purple. And if you love a colour but aren’t sure if it does suit you don’t wear it next to your face. Do a skirt, trouser or accessory in it.

3. Find your perfect red lipstick. If your skin is pink toned your red should be a raspberry red if your skin is peach toned your red is a tomato or strawberry red. Then if you must wear neutrals from top to toe add your fabulous red lips – they are very on trend this season.

4. Find one hero colour for you and buy a key seasonal piece in it. For me it would be a red or this season’s pine green so I’m buying a cosy red cashmere jumper and contemplating a pine green coat. To find your hero colour sit in front of the mirror in natural light and hold colours up to your face. If you see dark shadows under your eyes move on but if they disappear that’s a good colour for you.

5. Get help Рmy  Capsule Wardrobe Dossier is based on neutrals and one or two accent or seasonal colours. I determine the best colours for you based on your colouring but also on your personality (colour rules can be broken for great effect if you know how!)

And here is some inspiration to get you mixing colour into an outfit:

how to wear colour, which colours suit me, seasonal colour trends

Where to buy:

Teal cardigan, Black trousers, teal shoes and scarf by L.K. Bennett

Animal print top by Whistles, Leather skirt by Reiss, Red bag by Whistles, Black suede shoe boots by John Lewis

Mustard top by Hobbsicon, Grey crop trousers by Fenn Wright Manson, Animal print shoes by Hobbs

Green dress by Fenn Wright Manson, Shoes by Dune, Charcoal jacket by Jaeger, Necklace by Stella & Dot