Beauty Roundup

I’ve been trying out a few new products over the last few months so here is a roundup of those I really liked and would be happy to recommend.

Skincare – Face

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As a makeup primer I have been using Clinique Super City Block SPF 40 to protect my face and neck from this very strong sunshine we have at the moment. Unlike most sun protection it’s very lightweight but also contains antioxidants.

Instead of foundation or tinted moisturiser I have been wearing another Clinique product which I have become addicted to – their Moisture Surge CC Cream Hydrating Colour Corrector. It corrects the colour of your skin, moisturises, but is oil free and also contains SPF 30. They say “Formulated to enhance skin’s natural radiance, offer instant hydration benefits and provide daily sun protection to prevent first signs of ageing.” Really what else do you want from a face product? I highly recommend you give this one a try for a lovely lightweight finish during the summer when a foundation feels too heavy.

Skincare – Body

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Two new body care products that have grabbed my attention because they are so easy to use. Firstly Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturiser which comes in Aloe Fresh (the one I chose) Cocoa Radiance or Essential Mositure. The reason I like this so much is that whilst I love the idea of stepping out of the shower in the morning and pampering myself with an indulgent body cream, who really has the time? This product sprays on from the can – you can do the whole body in a continuous spray – rubs in quickly and doesn’t leave your skin sticky so you can spray and dress within seconds. And best of all, whilst the packaging isn’t particularly glamorous, the price is, at just £4.99 perfect for everyday use.

The second product is one I’m using on days or evenings when I am going out instead of the one above. Garnier Body Ultimate Beauty Oil is a perfecting oil, 5 times more concentrated in nutrients than a regular body lotion. It contains 4 precious oils – Argan, Macademia, Almond & Rose to make skin look illuminated and certainly does leave it beautifully soft and it smells delicious. It’s currently on a special offer at Boots for £5.33 (usually £7.99)

Hair Care

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Two new hair products and a new styler are giving me the loose tousled curls I want. A new shampoo and conditioner set from Organix Hair Care. The Organix Brazilian Keratin Therapy is good for balancing the protein in your hair, which I am alternating with Organix Awapuhi Ginger shampoo and conditioner which is moisturising. (I bought both at Boots but the Ginger doesn’t seem to be online at the moment) The combination is making my hair feel much thicker, shinier and better conditioned. As it’s got longer it’s also got knottier and these conditioners help with combing when it’s wet.

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My new wonder styling tool is Mark Hill Sexy Waves & Curls Pro-Magic Hair Wand. I find it easier to use than tongs that clamp the hair because if it’s not all the same length I never seem to get it it right to the tips of the hair. This has a conical shape and you just twist the hair around it. You can decide on the size of the curl by whether you wind round the fatter end or the thinner end. Or graduate the curl if you have long hair by winding along the length of the wand. See in the images my hair just styled.


Chanel rouge coco shine,Finally a quick mention for a really pretty summer lipstick which I actually bought last year but it’s still available. CHANEL Rouge Coco Shine Hydrating Sheer Lipshine in En Vogue looks a bit frightening in the tube (bright orange) but because it’s a sheer shine lipstick the colour on is a really pretty shimmery peach. (Also wearing this in the picture showing hair)

Do let me know in the comments if you have tried any of these products and what you think. Or any others that you think our readers would like.

Have a Beautiful summer!