Are You Colour Shy?

Recently I suggested a dress to a friend which would have really suited her colouring and it was in one of this season’s trend colours, coral. She liked the shape of the dress and although she liked the colour she didn’t feel that she could wear it. When I pressed her she said that she thought she would “stand out too much.” This got me thinking about the hang-ups we have with colour.

In the past I’ve had all sorts of reasons why clients didn’t want to try colours from “It was my school uniform” to “my ex-husband loved that colour”. So what tends to happen is we stick with neutrals of black (because it’s slimming – actually it isn’t), navy (because it’s always smart and sometimes it’s the “new” black) and taupe, beige, biscuit – or whatever other name you want to give it – because it goes with everything and we can disappear into the background. Quite the opposite from wearing a red dress.

So what is holding you back from wearing colour? Is it the fear of standing out? The British are supposedly a reserved bunch and I think a lot of women fear looking fabulous in case someone says “who does she think she is?” But actually that rarely happens what they are secretly thinking is “I wish I had her style and confidence”.

As we finally get to see some sunshine why not try colour? If a full outfit of colour frightens you start with an accent in your accessories, then work your way up to a top in a colour with neutral skirt or trousers. When you get used to getting compliments go for a bold dress and enjoy standing out from the crowd of black!

Here are a few gorgeous colourful pieces to get you in the mood.

wearing colour with confidence

If you aren’t sure which colours suit you click here.

Be brave and step out with confidence. And let me know in the comments below if you have let some colour into your wardrobe.

Here is some style inspiration for you of ladies with colour confidence:

wearing colour with confidence

Where to buy – most pieces in the sale!:

Turquoise silk dress Lauren by Ralph Lauren, Red top by Hobbs, Blue Leather Biker jacket by Baukjen, Pink trousers by Fenn Wright Manson, Orange dress by Baukjen, Pink Bustier top by Vivienne Westwood, Teal dress by Phase Eight, Mint jeans by Betty Barclay, Yellow boucle jacket by MaxMara

Image Credits: 1. Pinterest 2. Pinterest 3. Pinterest 4. Atlantic Pacific 5. Wendys LookBook