How to Dress a Large Bust

If like me you have been gifted(!) with a well endowed figure I am sure there have been times when you wish you hadn’t – like during the summer when you want to wear a strappy top, or when you have fallen in love with a strapless dress. Over the years I’ve learnt lots of tips on how to manage what I have been given and to even sometimes quite like it!

It seems that as a nation we are getting bigger busted too. So if you are one of those lucky ladies here are some of the tips and styling tricks I use to dress a large bust.

Firstly and most importantly start by getting a bra that fits. There are fitting services in most department stores now so make use of them and make sure you are wearing the right size. It’s a common mistake to go for a larger back size than to go up in cup size. Just because you have a full bust, rather than the 36D you are wearing you may find that actually you are a 32F. I’ve tried various fitting services and my two favourite are Rigby & Peller – high end price wise and have stores mostly in London or outside London in Cambridge and Guildford –  or Bravissimo who are more accessible price wise and have 21 stores throughout the UK. They also have a useful video that shows you how to fit a bra…

Once you have found the right fit there are some other styling tips you can use when getting dressed:

  • Avoid any details in the bust area – pockets, embellishments or necklaces “falling over the cliff”
  • Avoid double breasted styles or straight lines that run down over the bust (which could become curved lines!)
  • Avoid crisp materials like cotton shirting which have no give over curves
  • Look for ruching and ease in the bust area
  • Crossover styles in a jersey fabric work really well (see below)
  • If dresses or tops are cut too low wear a camisole underneath in a matching or contrasting colour (see below)
  • Scoop and v-neck styles are better than higher necklines
  • Avoid sleeves finishing at the bustline – look for elbow length or a shorter sleeve

And here are some suggested styles for bigger bust.

how to dress large bust

Kettlewell Colours do a fantastic colour range of crossover tops, camis and another favourite for dressing a large bust – the ballet wrap.

ho to dress large bust

Finally whilst you may have heard of Bravissimo did you know they have a sister brand called Pepperberry who do clothing in bust sizes? The answer to the gaping blouse problem! Check out Pepperberry by clicking the banner below.

Where to buy image 1
Mint top by Fenn Wright Manson Ltd, Blue pattern top by Phase Eight, White jacket by L.K. Bennett, Teal dress by Havren at John Lewis, Cowl dress by MaxMara, Pink dress BY Malene Birger