Versatile Holiday Dress – 1 Dress, 4 Ways

I’m known as a bit of a whizz at packing a holiday Capsule Wardrobe, one bag for 2 weeks doesn’t faze me and that doesn’t mean wearing the same thing all the time.

Choose versatile pieces that don’t crease and at a push are easy to wash. That doesn’t mean I spend all of my holiday washing the same dress. As you will see one great jersey dress does 4 different looks. Multiply that dress by 3 and and you instantly have 12 looks. Fashion maths is easy when you know how!

Choose a dress in a colour or pattern that will work with other other pieces in your wardrobe. In this example I’ve picked a lovely bright red which will look perfect on holiday with white, navy or metallics.

The dress is a wrap style which suits most figures and can be dressed up for the evening out to dinner or down on the beach over your swimsuit – both flats and heels will work too.

one versatile dress 4 looks

If you had a second dress in blue or a blue and white print and a third in white linen all the pieces would work equally well. Add a pair of white trousers a couple of tops in navy, white and red and a second piece of swimwear and you’ve almost got your holiday Capsule Wardrobe complete.