Pretty Summer Feet…

This week as the sun is showing itself and promising to stay for at least another week it’s time to prepare for the unveiling of body parts not seen since last autumn. Nothing too drastic, the body part I am thinking of is feet. If you are anything like me they will be in need of some TLC before you feel happy to bear them in open toed or heeled sandals. So I want to introduce you to a wonder product that I have been using over the past couple of weeks. It’s not glamorous and it doesn’t come in a beautiful jar but… it works!

how to have beautiful feetCCS Foot Care Cream

At £7.99 it’s much better value than an expensive pedicure. It’s actually designed for cracked heels which it seems to magically cure – it contains urea, the moisturiser found naturally in the human body, to help keep the skin soft and supple. I’ve been using it all over my feet and it’s made my toes much softer and prettier.

If you have sensitive skin it is lanolin free and hypo-allergenic too. You can buy online from Boots or pop into your local branch.



cinema nail varnish Chanel

Once you’ve used this a few times you can then move on to the nicer part of foot preparation and find the perfect colour to paint your toes.

My latest treats are Cinema, a perfect daytime red and Paparazzi, a soft brown with a touch of sparkle, by Chanel (In case you are new to the blog I have a slight addiction to Chanel nail varnishes!) My other favourite for toes is Suspicious a gorgeous bright pink.

Buy Chanel nail varnish online and don’t forget to use your advantage card.

Happy Summer and happy feet!