Product Review – Brenda Anvari Skin Care

I was recently lucky enough to be asked to trial a skincare range. Created by Brenda Anvari whose early career was with Elizabeth Arden working all over Europe and later in New York looking after their 13 US salons, training new therapists and developing new treatments. Since then Brenda has run her own salon, Visage House, for the last 24 years where the idea for Brenda Anvari products was born.

Since my early teens I have always followed a skincare regime, sometimes it has to be said, more hit and miss than others but I do have fairly resilient skin! I don’t have any major skin issues – luckily I’ve never suffered from breakouts or sensitivity – other than some sun damage from my twenties when it was the done thing to smother yourself in oil and bake.

I love to try new products and am always more pro those that use natural ingredients and aromatherapy oils. The Brenda Anvari range products are all paraben free and many have soil association preservatives so when Brenda asked if I wanted to try them of course my answer was yes. Rather than choosing the products myself I asked Brenda to recommend some for me. After explaining that my skin is combination with an oilier T-zone but sometimes suffers from dehydration and occasional red patches when stressed, Brenda kindly sent me the following from the skincare range:

brenda anvari skincare

Foaming Cleanser:  An easy, soap free wash off cleanser that you can use in the shower to make life easy! This product lathers up really easily and smells absolutely wonderful with it’s fresh Sicilian Lemon – the perfect start to the day.

Skin Tonic: A floral water that leaves the skin feeling soft and clean and not tight like some skin toners which contain alcohol. With my weekday morning rush I like that it can be used around the eyes and as a cheat morning cleanse.

Skin Serum: I love this product it’s a bit like a jelly that goes on really easily and is designed to go to the centre of the skin to feed and balance all the cells so that when they come to the surface you have a beautifully moisturised skin and need less moisturiser. That’s the theory, the reality is that I have definitely noticed a difference – no more parched skin, just really soft.

Rosehip Face Oil: This is my star product from the collection and the one that surprised me most. I have used oil on my skin before and really didn’t like that tacky feel it left. Not this one! This face oil is a dry oil so you won’t feel it’s heavy or thick. I’ve been enjoying massaging it up my neck and all over my face and the smell is simply gorgeous. Brenda recommended this product for its anti-ageing properties and because it breaks down pigmentation on the skin. I have one area of damage on my chest and have been using it and the serum there and it really is beginning to improve. I love the way Brenda says it feeds the skin whilst taking the debris to the lymph glands and gives the skin its twinkle – heading downhill fast to a big birthday I am all for a bit of twinkle!

Sensitive Moisture Cream: Again it’s the smell of this product with it’s Lavender Essential Oil that I really like. It’s light but designed to deeply feed the skin. I’ve been alternating with the face oil and it leaves the skin feeling plumped up.

All in all it’s a thumbs up for this range of products and I will definitely continue to use them.

Prices are really good too with the Foaming cleanser at £15.95 for 250ml and the Rosehip oil at £23.95 for 100ml, the most expensive of the products I tried is the Moisturiser at £24.95.

There are also home fragrance and bath and body ranges too. If like me you like the smell of essential oils in your skincare give these a try – I’d love to know what you think of them if you do.

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