Style Dilemma – Tummy Bulge

This week a reader sent me a style dilemma about the dreaded tummy bulge. She says:

“I have developed that dreaded excess baggage that no amount of dieting or working out have fixed. In fact, since the rest of me has started shaping up, the tummy has become more pronounced and distressing. It may resolve itself in time but in the meantime, it is making me very depressed and my clothes look awful on me. I work in a business casual office – HELP, please.”

I can totally understand this as, like most women who have had children, my tummy is not as it was and unless I spent several hours a day in the gym (and let’s face it most of us don’t have a, the time and b, the inclination!) it’s here to stay. So the solution is a little disguising.

My reader goes on to explain that she does have a defined waist which is smaller than her hips and that her hips are in line with the width of her shoulders. So the usual recommendation would be that with this hourglass figure you should add emphasis to the waist. The problem with this when you have a tummy though is that it emphasises the tummy all the more.

So the answer lies in showing off the slimmest parts of your body. One of the best high street brands for this problem is Phase Eight who do a great range of empire line dresses and tunic tops, so they fit under the bust area and drape over the tummy. Worn with leggings and skinny jeans tunic tops give the illusion that everything beneath is as slim. Add a statement necklace to draw the eye up and away from the tummy area too.

If you are wearing trousers pick those with a flat front – no extra bulk in the tummy area – and make sure that tops aren’t fitted on the tummy or ending at the very part you want to conceal. Finally pick high waisted jeans, the ones below, Cora jeans from Phase Eight, are great or try Not Your Daughter’s Jeans or the new IDA by Donna Idaicon – whichever fits your budget.

Below are two work looks and two casual:

How to hide a bulging tummy

Just because you don’t want to show off your tummy doesn’t mean you have to wear baggy clothes.

If you have a style dilemma leave a comment below or drop me an email.

All clothing and jewellery from Phase Eight. Shoes from John Lewis.