How to do “Grownup Style”

The key to looking effortlessly stylish starts with what I call “Grownup Style” or creating a core wardrobe of updated classics in neutral colours. This core capsule will be different for everyone, dependent on their colouring and shape (if you’d like help in creating a core Capsule Wardrobe get in touch). But what is important is that you buy the best quality you can afford – if anything buy less but in better fabrics that will work from season to season. Then at the beginning of each new season you can decide which of the trends and colours you want to work into your wardrobe.

To show you how it might work I’ve put together some basics in taupe, navy and cream:

caspule wardrobe core basics

I’ve gone for great quality individual items that because they are neutral all work together and will be timeless. For example a leather pencil skirt (on trend now but also not likely to date), a simple silk round neck T-shirt (this will last much better than a cotton T-shirt which might lose it’s shape and bobble), a cardigan in nautical stripes which appear every Spring, Classic Courts, flat pumps and Tote, a chunky knit which will work for three seasons, a navy and cream dress that would do corporate with a jacket, more casual with a cardigan and evening with a statement necklace and a Cream tailored jacket to wear for day, evening and weekend. Once you have your core basics you can add personality and flair with accessories and colour.

This season two of the key colours are coral and yellow. See how these core basics are updated by adding in a few items in those colours. If you make sure you add colours that suit you there is no reason why these “fashion pieces” can’t become part of your core capsule wardrobe for many seasons to come.

Adding colour to core capsule wardrobe

Adding colour to core capsule wardrobe

“Grownup style” isn’t a slave to fashion. It’s about knowing what suits you and wearing it with your own flair and with colours that work for you.

Also shown in core pieces Tan sandals and Navy and cream print scarf. Coral and yellow items shown in previous post “Live life in colour” except Yellow waterfall cardigan and Patent coral flats.