Dress Your Assets!

Do you have a hangup about your bottom? Or is it your too large or non existent bust? I know there’s something isn’t there? Because sadly most of us do have something that we spend many hours worrying about how to conceal. And the surprising thing is when we mention it to a trusted friend what’s the usual response? “Really I’ve never noticed – I wish I had your hair” (or eyes or slim legs).

Last night at my Capsule Wardrobes event with my partner Caroline and Dr Suzanne Doyle-Morris of Female Breadwinners, Suzanne told us a story about a coaching client. The lady had been working with Suzanne with the aim of winning herself a new and better job. A friend had given her a voucher to see a stylist but before she was able to go she had been for the interview and got the job. Afterwards she said to Suzanne she might not bother with the stylist after all she had got the job and said “How bad can I look?”. It made we wonder how many of us have that attitude. And how sad it is. Why can’t we turn it round and say “How good could I look and why shouldn’t I look as good as I can?” Because if you look good and believe you do you will also feel good too.

As Caroline explained to the audience if you don’t feel confident with something you are wearing it’s likely we will all know about it. Imagine being with a woman in a meeting who when she sits down her skirt rides up her thighs. As she fidgets to pull it down we are immediately distracted and her thighs then become our focus not what she is saying. She of course sees that we have noticed and becomes even more uncomfortable. Whatever we were discussing is now second to the expanse of thigh that is everyone’s mind.

When the presentations had finished last night I was approached by several of the attendees to ask about which shape or style of dress they should try. And back to what I opened with the question was how do I hide my pear shape, big bust, non-existent tummy?

I like to try and give one style tip that you can remember and it’s this. Don’t think about which bit of your body you hate – think about which bit you love and then play that up. If people complement you on your eyes wear makeup that shows them off. If it’s your slim legs don’t hide them in trousers. If you have a great waist wear a belt. Because when you play up the bit you love that’s where people’s focus will go, not on the bit that you think everyone is looking at!

Dress your assets

Play up beautiful eyes

Dress your assets

Show off a tiny waist (image Daily Mail)

Dress your assets

Big earrings show off a long neck and full lips.

So what is your best asset? Go on show it off and forget the bits you don’t like – we probably haven’t noticed them anyway.