Update your Wardrobe with Spring Brights from Boden

January can strike you in one of two ways; full of the joys of a New Year and ready to tackle everything or feeling down because it’s so grey outside and your bank account is suffering from Christmas. One of my favourite ways to turn my mood from the second scenario to the first is by injecting some colour into my wardrobe. And earlier this week what could be more timely than the arrival of an email from Boden with some fabulous Spring colours? Even better you don’t have to spend a fortune to liven up your wardrobe and bring a smile to your face.

As it’s expected to turn cold again this weekend I’ve picked Bright jeans that you can tuck into your warm winter boots until the weather improves at which point add a pair of sweetie coloured shoes. Alternatively choose one of the zesty jumpers to add to your blue jeans.

spring 2013 wardrobe pieces

Now doesn’t that make you feel more positive? My Spring capsule wardrobe update will have to include several of these pieces, will yours?

Check out all the fabulous pieces…