12 Tips of Christmas

Only a few more days and I am really looking forward to the Festivities. I thought I would give you some of my top tips on how to look fabulous for the festive season:

1. Put together a Christmas Capsule Wardrobe – A few key pieces will work in multiple outfits over several days. I love to have some sparkle, red and velvet in my Christmas selection and a pair of black trousers can be dressed up or down.

Christmas capsule wardrobe

2. Apply a long lasting make up. If you are the one doing the cooking it needs to stay put in the heat of the kitchen. Equally for parties you want it to last the night. This old post has my top tips for long lasting make up – Make up that works as hard as you do.

3. On the subject of long lasting I was introduced recently to Seche Vite. A brilliant Nail Varnish top coat. It’s actually not the fact that it makes your varnish longer lasting that is my favourite thing about it. What I love is that you can paint your nails, apply a coat of Seche Vite and they are dry within minutes and have a great shine. No more sitting still for half an hour waiting for your nails to dry – brilliant!

4. It’s Christmas, if you can’t wear sparkle now when can you? So go on add some sparkle to your wardrobe. Here are some examples – The Sequined Dress, Party picks from House of Fraser, Sparkle & Shimmer and Red and Gold.

5. Don’t forget your legs – if your dress is simple go for some perfect party tights and finish off with a fabulous shoe.


6. Get some help. None of us have the perfect figure but you can always improve on things by adding some shapewear. We wrote about Keeping a smooth silhouette recently on the Capsule Wardrobes blog.

7. Don’t let your personal style go out of the window. Just because you have a party to go to and are running out of time to find a dress don’t just grab one because it’s reduced. Take a deep breathe an re-appraise your wardrobe and what you already have. Could you add a sparkly top to that black pencil skirt? Would a statement necklace and heels make a day dress party perfect. Remember the golden rules, it should fit perfectly, work for your body shape and colouring, suit your personality and you must love it – don’t buy unless all of the above are true. Otherwise it will be an expensive single wear.

8. Quiet days over the holiday are the perfect time to have a wardrobe sort. Go through everything and ask your self whether each item obeys the golden rules in 7 above. If it does put it back in the wardrobe – if not it goes. Start to make a list of what you need in your ideal capsule wardrobe – have a look at this example to give you some ideas or get in touch with Capsule Wardrobes for more help.

capsule wardrobe example

9. Sale shop wisely. See 7 and 8 above. Don’t just buy it because it’s got 70% off. Only buy what you would have bought full price. Look for a great coat, cashmere, the perfect black trousers, a statement piece of jewellery, a beautiful scarf or bag. Invest wisely on pieces you will wear again and again.

10. Forget the diet for a day. Christmas day is about pleasure, family and fun. Who can have fun whilst restricting themselves to one roast potato – if you aren’t cooking reward the hostess by taking pleasure in the meal. You can start back on the diet tomorrow. We all deserve a Christmas treat.

11. If you are like most women and have spent the run up to Christmas running around in manic circles treat yourself to a little pampering. Shut the bathroom door, light a candle and soak in a bath with a treatment on your hair, your favourite music on your ipod and a glass with something bubbly. Some of my favourite suggestions include:

For hair I recommend Philip Kingsley Elasticizer, and for a beautifully relaxing scented bath White Lavender Bath Milk from The White Company. There’s a matching candle and body lotion too. My choice of music would probably be the Michael Buble Christmas album.

12. If all else fails – smile! And as it’s Christmas make it a festive red lipstick. My favourite is Burnt red by Bobbi Brown and I might add a touch of shimmery gloss.

Whatever you are doing  have a wonderful and stylish Christmas.



  1. December 20, 2012 / 8:07 pm

    As always, a brilliant summary for the Christmas round up!

    • admin
      December 20, 2012 / 11:38 pm

      Thank you Julia I hope some of the tips were useful for you. Have a lovely Christmas!