Fashion Maths – Coat or Mini Winter Capsule?

Which would you choose a classic winter coat at an investment price, like the ones below from Marella and Lauren by Ralph Lauren or a 9 piece mini winter capsule?

mini winter capsule wardrobe

classic winter coats

Buying a really great coat that lasts for many years is a worthwhile investment if it’s a timeless style and made of quality wool or cashmere. Many years ago (probably about 22) I found my dream coat. I was staying up in Glasgow and was out window shopping with no intention of buying when I walked into a shop and saw it laying draped on a display table. You know that feeling you get when you’ve seen something and you know you won’t be able to get it out of your mind if you don’t buy it? Well that was how it felt. So I asked if I could try it on – fatal mistake! Once on it was mine. Bearing in mind how long ago this was the £750 it cost me was a staggering amount of money, and the times I have been teased for buying a coat with no belt or buttons to do it up – with the comment “for that price you would at least expect some buttons!”

However, to this day I still wear it, it’s getting a little worn but I still get comments about it and people asking where I got it. So what’s this dream coat like? Fairly simple really and I think that’s what makes it so gorgeous and luxurious a bit like the Jill Sander coats from the autumn/winter collections. It’s black with a leopard print lining which shows on the shawl collar and turn back cuffs, it comes down to the calves and is quite voluminous so despite the lack of fastening you can wrap it across the front of you. it’s made from wool and cashmere and the reason for the extortionate price (other than how simply beautiful it is) it is designed by Italian label Genny who until then I had never heard of. The coat spent a winter in Poland with me when I was working in Warsaw on a project and it was my salvation when the temperature dropped to -12. So all in all it has been a great buy if you take in to consideration that it’s only cost me £34 a year to wear!

Anyway having said all that because I still have that coat and a couple of shorter ones I’ve acquired over the last few years and from my shops, I would go for the mini capsule, especially as I am really lusting over the chunky knit from Hush, how about you? And do you have a fabulous coat that you love?

Mini Capsule Details:

T-shirt and Poncho by Uniqlo, Maxi Skirt Pure Collection, Wedge boots Linea at House of Fraser, Grey Scarf and Long T-shirt from Baukjen, Leggings by Pure Collection, Chunky knit cardigan and Socks by Hush Homewear.


Black Wool and cashmere coat by Marella
Wool wrap coat Lauren by Raph Lauren