Work it Baby!

This week I had a wonderful morning on a photo shoot for my new website launching next week. What started with the thought that my partner in crime and I needed some new head shots turned into a full blown session with multiple outfits and settings. Our wonderfully accommodating photographer even diced with death as we stood outside trying to get some shots and the rain started whilst he was holding a vital piece of electrical equipment.

The day started with a trip to the hairdressers to get a professional blow dry – a mistake as I had wanted bouncy curls but by midday my hair had gone pretty flat. I should have stuck to doing it myself. Still the rest of the day couldn’t have gone better. If like me you hate having your photo taken it’s vital to have a photographer that can put you at your ease. Enter Martin Edwards – as someone used to photographing children and babies he has endless patience! (Check out some of the adorable pictures on his site) What was great was that Martin immediately understood what we were trying to achieve and whilst my partner turned out to be a complete natural at “working it baby” I needed a little more encouragement.

We started with the aforementioned headshots but after that Martin had endless ideas and it was just a shame that we ran out of time – a return visit is definitely on the cards in the coming weeks.

So if you need a professional headshot for your online profiles or website Martin is your man. However, if you want a lot more than that Martin is also your man! We would like to thank him and his able assistant Leanne for being so accommodating and making what for me I expected to be really uncomfortable experience to actually being a lot of fun. The photos will be on our new website soon – we will keep you posted. In the meantime here are a few of my totally unprofessional sneaky shots taken with my iphone.



Photos – partner at the hairdressers, Martin in action, partner ‘working it’ and grabbing that last shot before the rain.
You can contact Martin via his website or by telephone on 01334 308344. He wroks on location or out of his studio at Moss End Garden Village, Maidenhead Road, Warfield, Berkshire, RG42 6EJ