A ‘Triumph’ in the Underwear Department!

As someone in need of a little upholstery in the under-pinnings department I find it hard to find bras that have both good fit and good looks. So I was interested to see that Triumph were “supporting” (pun intended) London Fashion Week. I headed over to their website to see if I could find a new bra and some attractive shapewear that I wouldn’t be ashamed to to be caught wearing, for my underwear capsule wardrobe. And I was in for a treat.

First stop their Shape Wear Sensation and I discovered that there is something for everyone whatever your “problem” from tummy reducing pants to bust boosting bras. And even better there are some lovely colours and pretty lace. My issues are mainly in the tummy area so a couple of pieces caught my eye:

The Lovely Sensation Body dress – described as “ideal for a full bust (even up to cup E!), the bodydress, made of slimming Sensitive Fabric®, features a wild leopard print. Lace accents and high-performance tulle shape your waist, and give you a sexy look.” Sounds good to me, and looks pretty good too. This would be perfect for a smooth line under my dresses. The second piece is what they call a Lace Sensation Maxi – in fact a pair of pants but their description is much nicer! And these have anti-cellulite fabric an innovative, super-fine fabric  which apparently “smoothes over your most dimple-prone areas for a continuous, even look.” And again much more attractive than many pairs on the market. Available in a minky brown and a caramel colour they would work well under snug fitting trousers or pencil skirts.

Next up on my hunt were new bras. My problem with bras is because of the cup size I take I can’t wear thin straps. A certain large store has a new range of underwear “designed” by a currently popular model and whilst it looks really pretty she would be able to manage without a bra at all so it’s not going to work for those of us who need proper re-enforcement! So I headed over to the page entitled “big Cups” (but please if you are not in need scaffolding take a look at the huge selection from padded, non wired, multi way, pushup, T-shirt – the list is endless) you can also search by size, much quicker to see everything that is available in your size. I found these that gave the right amount of support and looked good too:






One that’s smooth, the Cool Sensation Wired Bra for under close fitting tops or T-shirts, a glamourous one, the Lovely Diva, and a pretty lace one, the Amourette wired bra. Something for every occasion with the most expensive at £38 they certainly don’t break the bank either compared to previous purchases from Rigby & Pellar. Don’t get me wrong my Rigby & Pellar bras were fitted perfectly and I was happy with them but at £70 upwards you wait longer than you should to replace them.

I also got a little bit side tracked in the Leisure wear with the Body make-up range of T-shirts and trousers in lustrous viscose and soft colours in a great range of sizes from 10-20.






Shop the online Triumph store by clicking the banner below:


Finally you can watch some of the action from London fashion week over on the Triumph Youtube channel – and there’s one of their videos below to wet your appetite.