How Chanel Have Nailed it

If you are a regular reader of the Friday Bulletin (if not sign up over on the left) you will know I have a bit of a thing about Chanel nail varnishes. And I’m not alone – over the last few seasons they have earned a cult following. Chanel’s makeup guru, Peter Philips always manages to come up with something desirable and different that has caused waiting lists and frenzied stampedes on the day of release. And who wouldn’t want a small piece of the House of Chanel on their dressing table?

It’s something few men would understand as demonstrated by the following conversation:

Husband – What is that you are putting on your nails?

Me – It’s called Peridot (waving fingers in the air for a better view – see below)

Husband – Is it gold or green it seems to change colours?

Me – That’s precisely why Chanel nail varnishes are so clever and have such a cult following.

Husband – Really? How  much does that cost?… Actually no don’t tell me I don’t think I want to know!

Yes admittedly they are more expensive than other brands but let me justify the purchase for you. They stay put better than other brands – Nail varnish never lasts more than a couple of days on me but these have lasted up to 4 days. The colours are unique – other brands bring out their version of a Chanel shade (a bit like the advert where the car sounds like a Golf but isn’t) And the bottles have a unique design – I picked up these two tips at the Chanel counter:

1.  The lid is designed for you to balance the nail you are painting on – so you don’t get nail varnish on your work top.

2. They are designed so that if you knock them over your precious varnish doesn’t spill.

This season’s colours are Vertigo – almost black with a sprinkling of red, Suspicious a stunning vibrant pink and Frenzy (above) a very sophisticated milky grey.

Are you a fan of Chanel’s nail varnishes? Which is your favourite? Get the latest colours here