A Daydream Indulgence – Elie Saab

If you ever gasp at beaded confections on the red carpet chances are at some point you will have done so over an Elie Saab gown. This is a slightly different post to normal, away from high street and accessible shopping, but over the past few years Elie Saab has been a designer who’s shows I love to look at just to dream what it would be like to wear one of his stunning gowns. Sadly both types of figure are lacking – mine and my bank balance!

The images of his couture collection for Autumn 2012 shown in Paris this week just caught my eye though and I thought I would share this master of the red carpet dress with you.

It also gives us some idea of what to expect colour wise for this Autumn and I was delighted to see soft peach and duck egg blue as well as a stronger teal. Thousands of sequins and beads cover the stunning fabrics of Chantilly lace, silk jacquards that looked gold leafed, and a mosaic-print georgette. I’m sure when I was a little girl if I ever dreamed of being a princess I would have been wearing an Elie Saab dress.

So sit back with a cup of coffee and indulge – I’d love to know what you think, which would you choose?


Images courtesy of Style.com