Capsule Wardrobe Staples from Uniqlo

I’ve been aware of Uniqlo for a while but it was only last week when I saw a top from their online site that I finally got round to having a good look. And what I found both surprised and delighted me; a site full of great wardrobe basics at ridiculously good prices!

If you haven’t come across the brand before I think you will be pleasantly surprised. If you are a regular reader you will know about my passion for creating perfect capsule wardrobes, and with Uniqlo you will find most of those hard working basics that make up the foundations of your wardrobe. What I really love is that all items come in a range of colours both neutral and accent to make your basic capsule collection interesting.

Despite the great value prices the brand prides itself on quality and stringent production control. All of the clothes are made according to exacting Japanese standards for quality and UNIQLO is committed to providing excellence and innovation in casual wear, from the design and functionality to the fit and colour choices.

So do they live up to these standards? As always when I recommend a brand or product I try it myself first. My choices were some casual tops:







All three tops were £9.90 each! However, the stripe tops have a multi-buy option so you can get 2 for £14.90. I ordered on a Thursday and they arrived on the Saturday, and that was standard delivery. As I write this I am wearing the orange stripe top, first impressions are great fit and extremely soft fabric. The final test will be how they wash, but so far I am absolutely delighted with the quality.

Have a look around the online store, I challenge you not to find something that won’t fill a gap in your basic capsule pieces!

Here are a few more items that caught my eye:


So what do you think? I’d love to know if you try Uniqlo what you think of it.