How to Build a Capsule Wardrobe – Casual

The easiest and most economical way to build a wardrobe that works for you is by creating multiple capsule wardrobes; work, casual, winter, summer etc. Pieces can work within more than one capsule collection for example finer knits from your summer capsule could be layered in the winter. Here are my top tips for creating a capsule wardrobe with examples for a casual collection which if you work from home like me may only need the addition of a smarter jacket for meetings to make it work ready too.

Top tips for capsule wardrobes:

  1. Start with a neutral colour as a base – black, brown, grey or navy would be good options.
  2. Build your wardrobe in 3’s. For example if you have 3 skirts make one a neutral, the second a pattern which incorporates your neutral colour and the third a complementary colour. Then add 3 tops, again neutral pattern and colour that mix and match with the skirts.
  3. Spend the most money on the neutrals you will wear most often.
  4. Once you have the basics add in other colours that mix with your existing capsule – maybe a colour of the season if you love it and it suits you.
  5. Just because you are creating a capsule collection of clothes it doesn’t have to be boring. When you buy a new piece for your wardrobe ask yourself, “does it suit me, does it work with what I already have, and will I love wearing it and feel great in it?” If you can’t say yes to all of these move on and save your money for something that does.
  6. If you find something perfect consider buying it in two colours.
  7. Look after your investment. When you have spent hard earned money on your wardrobe make sure you follow the cleaning instructions, hang things on decent hangers (have you noticed how one wire hanger multiplies in your wardrobe?) get shoes re-heeled when needed, fold knitwear so it doesn’t pull out of shape and give everything enough room in your wardrobe.

Examples – the pieces in 3’s

Every piece in this collection can be worn in a variety of ways. Once the basics are there another seasonal colour could be added, for example a red would work well in here.

Below are just some of the outfit combinations:


Hopefully this has given you food for thought. Try laying out your clothes in 3’s like this then mixing them up. You will then see what you are missing – take a note with you next time you go shopping to see if you can fill that gap.

I’d love to here what you think, drop me a note in the comments and send me some pictures of your capsule collections that I can feature on the blog.

Where you can find the pieces:

Cowl neck Isabella Oliver
iconKnit top Pure Collection
iconLime jersey top Boden

Cropped cardigan Pure Collection
Patterned Cardigan Boden
Neutral cardigan Boden

Skirts & Trousers
Stone and Navy linen skirts Pure Collection
Print skirt Isabella Oliver
Drawstring Linen, Zip detail jeans and Slim leg jeans all Pure Collection

Dresses & Camis
Sand Maxi Dress Pure Collection
Broderie Jersey Dress and Lime every day summer dress Boden
Casual floral cotton top and woven trim camis Boden

The Accessories
Dip Dye scarf Pure Collection
Ladder stitch silver scarf The White Company
Flowerburst scarf Boden
All bags from Boden
All sandals from Boden