How to Discover Your Personal Style

“The more you know the less you need”

Have you discovered your personal style? Or is your wardrobe a mish mash of the latest trends, things you bought but don’t wear and a few old favourites that come out again and again? We are all influenced on a daily basis about what to wear, from the latest “it” bag to the season’s must have colour. But have you ever wanted to take everything out of your wardrobe and start again, filling it with items you love to wear and feel are just ‘you’? It is possible but the first step is truly understanding what your personal style is.

You can make this a really in depth study and there are a couple of great books* that will take you step by step through a process of discovery. But if you are one of those people who just wants answers now here are some suggestions on identifying what your style personality is:

Open you wardrobe and get an overall feel for colour

Is there colour? Is it a sea of black or is it full of neutrals? Does one colour crop up repeatedly? How do you feel about the variety of colour – or lack of – does what’s in there make you feel happy or do you feel that the real you is hiding? Do certain colours scare you or make you smile? Look at your accessories as well, sometimes if we are fearful of wearing a colour we love we may subconsciously use it in a less obvious way.

Look around your home and start to analyse the colours that surround you – what colours have you used for your soft furnishings? Are you more drawn to cool icy colours or warm fiery colours? Do you prefer bright and vivid or soft and muted? This exercise has nothing to do with which colours suit you it’s more about what you are drawn to, and often what we are drawn to naturally is what suits us.

Do you come home after a shopping trip with another item in a similar colour to several you own already? When you walk into a shop are you drawn to the same colours?

Once you know which colours suit you physically you can then factor in adjustments for those that suit your personality.

Next analyse shape, texture and surroundings.

Are you drawn to soft fluid fabrics, comfort and luxury or do you like crisp fabrics and streamlined or minimalist furnishings. Do you like things that match and are neat or do you prefer to mix things up?

Would you like a laid back holiday in romantic Italy, or does the idea of the cool efficiency of Scandinavia appeal more? Are you a city, beach or countryside person? Are you an explorer or do you like the comfort of your own home?

Do you like loud parties, intimate restaurants, or having a small group of friends over for supper?

Hopefully these questions will start you on a journey of discovery – look through magazines and pull out pictures of anything that appeals to you or makes you heart skip a beat and make up a mood book or folder.

How does this apply to how you dress?

I’m a true believer in dressing your personality. If inside you are a real softie but you dress in stark suits chances are people will subconsciously think you are tougher than you are and will treat you accordingly. You can still wear the suit but maybe with a top in a softer fabric or colour. Or show your quirkiness with a piece of jewellery, or your bubbly personality with a pair of coloured shoes.

Once you start to get a feeling for your style personality come up with a selection of words to describe it that resonate for you.

Then put into action dressing your personality by going through your wardrobe and weeding out pieces that don’t fit around those words. When you next go shopping and you are considering a purchase ask your self, does it suit me physically, do I love it and does it fit with my words? Keep this up and that dream wardrobe will be yours!

What the collage above says to me:

Fluid, flowing, feminine, luxurious, warm, timeless.

*10 Steps to Fashion Freedom, Style Statement