Access-orise all Areas

Like most women I love an accessory, although I have to say over the last few years the quantity has gone down and the quality has gone up as I buy into “investment” pieces. But with a new season and loads of gorgeous new pieces in the shops who can resist a little drooling over bags, scarves and belts? (and we haven’t even started on shoes or jewellery yet) I have a bit of a weakness for scarves and necklaces – I’m pretty much always in one or the other. I managed to build my collection when I had my shops but many have been gifts, and my absolute favourite is a beautiful silk Armani scarf bought in Harvey Nichols about 20 years ago – so the investment was worth it!

So, What are the must have accessories this season?

This Spring the Tote bag is the bag to have – and if like most women you carry your world around with you it’s also very practical! (See how I’m building a case for a new bag purchase here) the other must have is a small colourful bag.

Here are a selection of the best bags, belts and scarves on sale now:


Tote Bags

Vivienne Westwood Heart Tote from House of Fraser £300
Michael Kors Tote from House of Fraser £195
Luxe Leather Tote from Pure Collection £329
Classic Tote from Boden £149
Oil Cloth Shopper from Boden £45
Lulu Guiness Tote from House of Fraser £325
Moschino Rome Tote from House of Fraser £360
Michael Kors Chain Tote from House of Fraser £235
Lauren by Ralhp Lauren Tote from House of Fraser £280

small colourful bags looking stylish

Small Cross Body Bag by Michael Kors from House of Fraser £110
Annabelle Shoulder bag by Lulu Guiness from House of Fraser £295
D&G Lily quilted bag from £175
Quilted Cross Body Bag by Ted Baker from House of Fraser £79
Heart Flap Bag by Moscino Cheap & Chic from House of Fraser £370
Quilt Bow bag by Moschino Cheap & Chic from House of Fraser £388
Must Have Bag from Boden £89
Mini Cross Body Bag from Pure Collection £179

belts looking stylish

Skinny Leather Belt from Pure Collection in coral & blue £39
Essential Skinny Belt in Gold from Isabella Oliver £49
Leopard Skinny Belt from Isabella Oliver £59
Wrap Leather belt from isabella Oliver £69
Plaited Leather Belt from Boden £29
Skinny belts in Leather £29 and Tan Spot £35 from Boden

scarves looking stylish
Stripe Jersey Scarf from Isabella Oliver £39
Every day cotton scarf in variety of colours from Isabella Oliver £59
Crinkle scarf from Pure collection £29
Luxe Linen Scarf from Pure Collection £49
Blanket Stitch Scarf from Boden £35
Printed Charity Stole £69 (in aid of Christina Noble Foundation) from Pure Collection
Flowerburst Scarf from Boden £29

I hope I’ve managed to find something you like – I love all the scarves and think one (or two) would bring a little Spring colour into my wardrobe. Are you tempted?