Nailing It, Brighten The Day With A Splash Of Winter Colour

At this time of year with the weather so dull and dismal we girls need something to make us smile. Sitting at my desk typing away the options could be a warming drink, a calorie laden treat – but who needs that straight after the Christmas indulgences? – or a flash of colour on perfectly manicured nails.

Having lovely nails is a bit of an indulgence and does require some work, but as I sit here with my Chanel, Peridot catching my eye as I type it’s worth the effort. Having a little more time on my hands over the Christmas period has allowed me to update my nail colour regularly and it’s surprising how it does give your mood a lift. I can’t do anything instant for the tightening waistbands, and dehydrated skin but coloured nails are an almost instant mood booster.

Here are some of the colours I have been enjoying, some are new and others are old favourites that I wear over and over again. If you have any favourite colours or brands do let me know.

Click on pictures to enlarge:

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Firstly the three Chanel colours that adorned my nails for the Christmas period, but all of which you could use through these winter days and on into Spring. Peridot is just so beautiful (it helps that peridot is also my birth stone!) – it is a mix of green and gold and the colour changes as you move your hands – this is my new absolute favourite, it’s just so pretty and I can see myself using it in high summer on fingers and toes, you can see it on me in the picture above. Next is Rouge Carat, a stunning red that says evening party or “I mean business” and finally Black Pearl – this is a lovely bluey/grey which like peridot changes colour as you move. I wore it with a teal coloured top and also with a deep pine green and it takes on the colour you are wearing to match beautifully. Chanel varnishes are expensive but just so glamorous, they make gorgeous gifts – if you only have around £20 to spend buy one of these in their iconic black box rather than a big box of cheap smellies!

Whilst talking about changing nail colours frequently I should mention my new secret weapon – OPI Drip Dry Lacquer Drying Drops which dry your nails within five minutes as well as conditioning your cuticles with jojoba oil. Great for a last minute repaint before you run out of the door.

Next up pinks and purples, the first of which is a fabulous deep shimmery purple from Rimmel, this is one of the Lycra Pro varnishes called Purple Addict. (Available from Boots – sorry no link as their site is currently under maintenance, but pick up at your local branch). I love Rimmel varnishes for two reasons; they have a great selection of colours and they are cheap! The second one is an Essie polish called Footloose. Whilst you are looking this one up browse through their great range of colours – Essie varnishes go on well and with this colour you can get away with just one coat. Finally in this group is one from Mavala called Milano at the bargain price of just £2.99! These little bottles are great as you can try lots of colours without feeling guilty about not getting to the bottom of the bottle.

On to browns and golds. Firstly one from Estee Lauder called Shimmering Bronze but if you can’t get hold of this one as it may have been a limited edition try Mavala Style for a similar look. Another Rimmel Lycra Pro which is a great every day neutral to go with winter outfits is Beige  Babe, again from Boots.

Finally peaches. Another one by Estee Lauder (a gift from a clever sister!) is Rosa Rosa and finally another Chanel, Miami Peach. Again if you can’t get hold of this one try Essie, Cute as a button which a sales assistant stopped me whilst out shopping to ask what it was.