No 7 Protect & Perfect Foundation

The latest technology from cosmetic houses is the addition of treatment ingredients into their makeup ranges. What a great idea.

Foundation is one of my absolute basics which I wear almost daily to even out my skin tone and cover the sun damage from my twenties – before we were obsessive about using sun protection. Like most women I have tried hundreds of foundations in the quest to find the perfect colour and coverage. But the thought of having a product that actually improves and treats my skin at the same time seems to be a no brainer.

I’ve heard all the rave reviews for the No 7 Protect & Perfect range – but for some reason I have never actually tried any of the products until now. So with £5 discount voucher in hand (from a previous shop at Boots) I went to my local Boots and was pleasantly surprised at the cost of the No 7 Protect and Perfect Foundation, which with my discount was £10.50. As I am used to spending anything up to £30+ on foundation this seemed like an absolute bargain.

The blurb on the product says “No7 Protect and Perfect foundation contains light-diffusing beads which soften the appearance of lines and blemishes, immediately beautifying skin as it is applied. The silky soft formula includes our unique antioxidant complex, lipo-peptides and SPF15, which helps to boost, maintain elasticity and protect against the damaging effects of free radicals.” Sounds just what I needed!

It comes in a bottle with pump dispenser and goes onto the skin smoothly, initially with quite a matte effect, and maybe not quite as much coverage as I would like. However, once I had been wearing it for a while my skin felt amazingly soft and plumped and my skin for once looked luminous and healthy. Definitely a base to use “the morning after”, when you haven’t had enough sleep or want your skin to glow on a night out and at such a fantastic price I will be using this in place of some of the more expensive brands. Time will tell whether the treatment ingredients improve my skin – I will report back in a few weeks.