The Colour Manual – How to Choose & Use Colour In Your Wardrobe

Introducing The Colour Manual!

colour manual ebook

A brand new Ebook containing ideas and inspiration for choosing and using colour in your wardrobe.

The first step in looking fabulous every day is understanding what is right for you. While I don’t agree with putting you in a box, if you understand which colours look good on you, you can break the rules to suit your personality, making your colour palette uniquely yours.

You may have been colour analysed in the past, but are you still confused about which colours to wear? Do you see colours in the shops that aren’t in your book of colour swatches and wonder whether they would look gorgeous or whether they will drain you? Or maybe you always stick to the same set of colours and want to inject some new life in to your wardrobe. It’s very common to wear just a small selection of colours that you know suit you, but perhaps you want to try something new.

If so, this Ebook is for you.

I often find that my readers are scared to step outside of a set of colours that they know work for them and consequently they only wear a few of the many colours that are available. They know that Navy is a great neutral to have in their wardrobe, but now their wardrobe is swimming in it and they are bored, but they don’t know how or what to add. Did you know that there are probably at least 6 other neutrals and hundreds of accent colours you could be wearing?

Have you wanted to try yellow, lilac, lime or blush? If so how do you add them to your wardrobe and what do you mix them with?

Even if you have a good understanding of which colours work for you (and by the way it’s not just about your physical colouring) you might not know how to mix them to their stunning best.

That’s why I created The Colour Manual.

What’s included:

  • Discover your Dominant and Secondary colouring (and what that means) – you might be Dominant Light but is your Secondary Warm or Cool?
  • Learn the best neutrals (the foundations of a co-ordinated wardrobe that works) for your Dominant and Secondary colouring
  • Learn how to mix colours to suit you – should you use contrast, brighter or more muted colours?
  • Learn which colours work with each other (colour mixing is something I always get questions about)
  • Discover my 4 Methods for creating a unique colour scheme for your wardrobe
  • How many pieces do you need in each colour to create a small capsule wardrobe?
  • See an example of a small capsule wardrobe colour scheme and how to add a new colour
  • 30 Plus done for you colour scheme examples to use as inspiration
  • Free updates as I add new done for you colour schemes

This Ebook will become your guide to confidently creating beautiful outfits using colour, giving your wardrobe a new lease of life. Enjoy creating outfits that make you stand out for all the right reasons and wait for the compliments to come rolling in!

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