4 Autumn Wardrobe Investments to Consider

Autumn wardrobe investments tend to be the most expensive of the year, so it’s worth having a plan of what you want to buy in advance. You may only make one investment buy per season if you already have good options in your wardrobe. What should you include in autumn wardrobe investments? Here are four worth considering…

Autumn Wardrobe Investments – Coats

Each season there are new coat trends (hello faux fur) and you may want to buy one of these, but here I am talking about a coat that you will wear for several years to come. So the key requirements will be unique to you. Firstly it needs to suit your lifestyle, if you travel on public transport a lot, for example, you might need a long coat to keep you warm when you are standing at the station. Alternatively if you spend a lot of time in the car a shorter style might be better.

Secondly it also needs to be a colour that works with your wardrobe. Neutrals are often the best choice because they go with everything. However, if you already have a good coat in a neutral you may want to buy something a little more stand out and choose one of your best colours, which this season could be red.

Thirdly it needs to be a shape and style that will work over most of your outfits. Do you wear suits or chunky knits and need the coat to go over the top.

Finally it needs to be a timeless style that won’t date and the best quality you can afford so it lasts for many years to come.

Autumn wardrobe investments, weekend maxmara camel coat

Coat – Weekend Maxmara

It’s hard to beat a classic camel coat and the king of camel coats has to be Maxmara. They are eye wateringly expensive though so I have chosen this one from the less expensive Weekend Maxmara collection.

Autumn Wardrobe Investments – Boots

As with coats, trends come and go in boot styles and again you need to think about the outfits you want to wear your boots with. If you mostly wear trousers your investment boots might be a beautiful pair of ankle boots in black, tan or brown. Alternatively you might want to tuck slim trousers or leggings into your boots and the brand that those in the know buy is Stuart Weitzman. For this example though I have chosen a pair of classic leather knee high boots.

autumn wardrobe investments, LK Bennett knee high leather burgundy boots


Boots – LK Bennett

Autumn Wardrobe Investments – Bags

Are you a one or two bag person or do you like to have them in a variety of colours. If you are more minimalist, your investment bag would be better in a neutral colour and needs to be a size that you can use for multiple occasions. If you prefer to have a wider collection of bags (yes, here!) then you may already have good neutral bags and your seasonal investment might be a coloured bag. A pop of colour looks great on a neutral outfit. An investment bag for you might be £200 or it might be £2000, but steer away from any real seasonal trend bags to make sure your investment lasts longer than just one winter.

autumn wardrobe investments, tan leather Mulberry Leighton handbag

Mulberry Leighton Bag

My favourite investment brand to buy is Mulberry and this season I love the new Leighton style.

Autumn Wardrobe Investments – Leather Trousers

This won’t be something everyone will want but it is on my wishlist. For the last few years I have had a pair of faux leather trousers which I have worn a lot through the Autumn and Winter months, both for day with a coat knit and with a dressy top for the evening. They work with heels, flats and boots and have been really versatile. This is a great way to try an investment piece, by buying a cheaper version and seeing how much use you get from it. Because I have worn the faux pair so much and will continue to do so, for me a real leather pair would be worth the investment.

Autumn wardrobe investments,  Baukjen burgundy leather trousers

Baukjen Leather trousers

My faux leather trousers are black, so this burgundy pair would be a great addition as I have so many pieces they would go with – see my Autumn Capsule Wardrobe video.

If you would like help in choosing Autumn wardrobe investments, why not order my 6 item capsule wardrobe. Tell me what you want and your budget and I will find the items for you.

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