What’s the First Step in Creating Your Perfect Capsule Wardrobe?

creating a capsule wardrobe

The question I get asked the most is how can I create a capsule wardrobe of chic outfits without spending a fortune. Many of you have also told me that you have a full wardrobe but still find it difficult to put outfits together. Despite that you may be reluctant to get rid of items that […]

How to Start Building a Capsule Wardrobe of Outfits to suit Your Colouring

How to create a capsule wardrobe, colours to suit you

The survey I sent out recently with my Friday Bulletin made one thing clear to me – how to create outfits from pieces you already have in your wardrobe and to suit your colouring was a frequent request. (Thank you to everyone who responded by the way – it has given me lots of insight into […]

Add Some Riviera Chic to Your Holiday Capsule Wardrobe

holiday capsule wardrobe

Add some chic to your holiday capsule wardrobe by adding Riviera inspired pieces. What are the key elements? Start with a colour palette of Navy, White and Chambray, add stripes, espadrilles, linen and a basket. White capris // Sky blue breton top // Sunglasses // Espadrilles // Shorts // Trousers // Navy/white Breton // Basket […]

3 Summer Skirts to Add to your Capsule Wardrobe

capsule wardrobe summer skirts, how to wear denim skirt

It’s time to bare your legs for summer with the latest from the skirt collections and there are 3 that you need to be in the know. The Denim Skirt Denim is one of this year’s biggest trends. We’ve seen the flared jeans and the dresses and now it’s time for the skirt. And the […]

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