What to Buy Now – Linen Jackets to Add to Your Capsule Wardrobe

capsule wardrobe essential, linen jacket

As the weather gets milder (she says looking out at the pouring rain and wondering whether I can get away with putting the heating on!) we can start to think about lighter layers. Whether it’s for business wear or casual, a linen jacket is a great addition to a capsule wardrobe. If it’s for work look […]

6 Outfits and My Top Tips for Dressing for Authority at Work

business wear for women, dressing with authority, dressing your personal brand

How do you say “I’m the Boss” while still being feminine, especially if you work mostly with men? It’s a dilemma a lot of women have, as one of my readers said “I work in a team of mostly men and I’m the Boss. How do I assert my authority without having to wear a masculine […]

How to Wear the Boho Trend White Dress

How to wear the boho trend white dress

White dresses are everywhere this summer especially the Boho variety as seen on the catwalks at Chloe and Erdem. The key elements of the look are lace up sandals, suede, tan and tassel necklaces and I love white mixed with silver too. Catwalk images Style.com Whilst I can’t imagine I, or probably many of you, […]

Smart Casual Summer Capsule Wardrobe, Neutrals, Chocolate & Red

Summer capsule wardrobe, deep colouring

Over the last few weeks I’ve put several client capsule wardrobes together and I always end up finding things I want to add to my own! I have deep colouring and in the summer months it’s always harder to find deep neutrals like my favourite Chocolate. BUT whilst browsing Matches and John Lewis I came […]

Summer Business Capsule Wardrobe & How to Tailor it to Suit Your Colouring

summer capsule wardrobe, business wear

As we head into May it’s time to start thinking about a summer capsule wardrobe. Casual wear is easy for the summer but staying appropriately dressed for work when it’s hot can be tricky. Think about wearing lighter colours and fabrics and if you have to wear a jacket look for linen or cotton blends […]

How to Wear – White Trousers

How to wear white trousers

Looking through Pinterest I was inspired by the many pictures of outfits with white trousers. I love the wide leg options and the classic “Summer in the Hamptons” look, bottom right. Although we aren’t out of the woods yet as far as the weather is concerned, now is still the time to buy. Otherwise you […]

How to Wear the 70s Trend – For Real Women

How to wear the seventies trend

You may have lived the 70s and feel that you really don’t want to go back there but there might be some elements you would like to explore. I have to admit that I am tempted and in fact I have tried on some flared jeans and loved them because they make your legs look […]

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