Autumn Business Capsule Wardrobe, Part 1 – Jackets

capsule wardrobe pieces jacket

If you are thinking about updating or upgrading your business wear, or creating a business wear capsule wardrobe, a good place to start is with jackets. When I create a capsule wardrobe it’s the jackets that form the foundation of the wardrobe because they can be worn as a suit with matching trousers and skirts, […]

Autumn Trends from Marks & Spencer

Bold brights, Marks and spencer autumn 2014

The Autumn collections from Marks and Spencer are now in store and there are some great pieces as you would expect from one of our favourite retailers. I’ve chosen my pick of pieces from the 4 key themes of Bold Brights, Sixties Revival, Fabulous Folklore and my personal favourite Simple Luxe. You will notice that […]

Handbag Love – Village England

Village England bags

You may remember back in the Spring on my capsule wardrobe wishlist I included two bags from Village England. What appealed to me was their ethos and distinctly English sense of style with bags that are practical whilst still managing to be luxurious too. You wouldn’t expect anything less than the perfectly designed bag from […]

How do I Wear Colour?

How to wear black

It’s not an easy question to answer because of course we are all different so there is not one answer that suits everyone. Back in the earliest days of colour analysis when you sat in a chair being swathed in drapes of different colours the rules were pretty strict. You may have been told: “Don’t […]

How to Wear Leather

how to wear leather leggings

It’s one of those questions you ask yourself when you get past a certain age – “Can I wear leather?” I think it comes down to confidence and within that, the confidence that you feel dressed appropriately. By which I mean you may be confident that you have good legs which would look fabulous in […]

5 Trends to Add to Your Autumn Wardrobe

how to wear, autumn trends

If you are itching to buy into the new season as I am what should you be looking at? I’ve already mentioned some of the new trends (colours – red, chocolate and blush) and I’m including red here because everyone should have red in their wardrobe! Here it is on the catwalk with my 4 […]

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