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how to wear, black white and red

Weekly Outfit – Black, White and Red

This week it's a classic colour combination; black, white and red. There's no reason why you can't wear black in the summer months, just make sure the fabric is lightweight. I love the Jaeger jacket in the work wear picture. It has a raised, slubbed surface which gives it a modern feel - sadly dry … [Read More...]

wallis w collection, floral occasion dress

W Crimson Collection

If you read the Friday Bulletin last week you will have seen me hint at a new collection I would be featuring. It's from the limited edition W Collection at Wallis and it's called Crimson. An explosion of tonal pinks and vibrant florals are contrasted with urban pieces and deconstructed traditional … [Read More...]

spring jackets, what to wear now

Spring Jackets

With the weather starting to become milder it's still not quite warm enough to brave the mornings without a jacket. But you can definitely go for a lighter layer and a lighter or brighter colour. Whether it's for work or casual there are some gorgeous jackets available. Most of them will also do … [Read More...]

how to wear linen, capsule wardrobe pieces

Weekly Outfit – Linen

This week's theme is linen. It's one of those fabrics you either love - because of it's summer feel - or hate - because it creases. Technology has moved on so much in the last few years though. So if you haven't looked at linen for a while give it a try. Choose a linen that is mixed with another … [Read More...]

How to wear Spring brights

Weekly Outfit – Spring Brights of Blue and Green

This week's theme is Spring brights. Cobalt blue is everywhere and in everything from dresses to bags to jackets. It's great to wear tone on tone with other blues or be brave and wear as I've shown here with green. Love it or hate it there is plenty of green in the shops at the moment. On a … [Read More...]

zapita shoes review

Your Chance to Win a Voucher for a Pair of Shoes!

I bet that got your attention didn't it - shoes will always do that. If you came to our Capsule Wardrobes event in January last year you may already be familiar with Zapita who had a "stall" selling their gorgeous shoes and bags. The team behind Zapita - Nicola, Debbie and Harry - design the … [Read More...]

How to wear spring colour

Wearing Spring Colour

With Easter just a few weeks away and Summertime officially starting this weekend as the clocks go forward it's time for me to add some Spring colour to my wardrobe. On duller days it may just be a little, a scarf or a bag. But then again aren't dull days made brighter by wearing a happy Summer … [Read More...]

how to wear neutrals and animal print, capsule wardrobe

Weekly Outfit – Neutrals and Animal Print

This week I am starting a new series - The Weekly Outfit - which will include a work and weekend outfit based around a theme. I see so many gorgeous things whilst creating capsule wardrobes for client's it seems a shame not to share some of them with you! If you would like to suggest a theme for a … [Read More...]

capsule wardrobe, how to wear colour

How to mix colours to create outfits

One of the questions I often get asked is about mixing up colours to create outfits rather than wearing the same things together all the time. The concept of a capsule wardrobe should make this easy to do because everything is chosen to work together and all the colours should suit you. Once you … [Read More...]

Uniqlo, Ines de la Fressange collaboration

Add a Little French Chic to your Wardrobe

I've long been a fan of the French chic epitomised by Ines de la Fressange. As a woman in her 50's she is a great example of how to stay stylish and youthful.  She looks elegant, carefree and confident but also current with her own twist on classic style. So I was delighted to see that she had gone … [Read More...]

spring capsule wardrobe, creating a capsule wardrobe

My Spring Wishlist Capsule Wardrobe

The last few weeks have been really busy creating spring capsule wardrobes for our clients. One of the up (or down) sides of this process is finding things that would fit so well into your own wardrobe. So I've been collecting images of pieces I would like for my own spring capsule wardrobe. I've … [Read More...]

statement skirts, luxury skirts, how to wear new skirt shape

Luxury Spring Skirts

This post comes with two warnings attached. Firstly if you are frightened of colour look away now. Secondly if you fall in love with any of the outfits - as I have done - your purse could take a major hammering! I love skirts but find that I don't often wear them. Especially in the winter when … [Read More...]

wardrobe staple, shell top

Wardrobe Staple the Humble Shell Top

The shell top is a wardrobe staple. Worn under suits for work, with jeans at the weekend or with a skirt or trousers for the evening. And this season there are so many lovely ones to choose from. Maximum points go to Hobbs who have the best range from monochrome to feminine florals. And if you have … [Read More...]

how to wear pink

The Grownup Woman’s guide on How to wear Pink!

Happy Valentine's Day! And what better time to wear the continuing trend for pink? But how do you wear it as a grownup as opposed to the top to toe Barbie pink you may have worn as a child? (Or was that just me and my daughter?) Here are a few pieces that caught my eye: Cashmere jumper … [Read More...]

interpreting the catwalk on the high st, how to wear

Interpreting Catwalk Looks with High Street Pieces

Catwalk looks are often extreme and not wearable for your average day in the office or an evening out with friends. But occasionally you find one that can be copied using high street pieces or the theme of the look interpreted to be easier to wear. In the following example I've chosen a couple of … [Read More...]

Armani spring 2014

This Season I Want to be…

Armani woman! Whilst researching new spring trends this week, as often happens I found myself drooling over catwalk pictures on Each season there is one collection that becomes my favorite inspiration. There was Dior a couple of winter's ago, DVF last summer, Dolce and Gabbana this … [Read More...]

how to wear, spring coat

How to Wear – Spring Coat

Whilst I am excited to see all the new spring stock arriving and am desperate to update my winter wardrobe, what we forget is that the weather could still be cold for another 3 months. I hate to mention that we had snow last Easter! So one trend that is practical but also allows you to buy into … [Read More...]