How to Create the Perfect Wardrobe – Part 3 How to Discover Your Style Profile

How to define your personal style

This week it’s all about putting your own style into what you wear, but first you need to do some investigative work. You may have read about this or even at some point done a quiz to determine whether you are “natural”, “dramatic” etc. This is fine for generalising but we don’t all fit easily […]

How to Wear – Denim Dress

How to wear, seasonal trend denim dress

Denim is a big trend this season, not just in jeans but in jackets, skirts, accessories and dresses. I don’t remember ever owning a denim dress but I am sorely tempted this season, there are just so many to choose from. How do you choose? Well here is a roundup of some of the options available […]

5 Spring Wedding Guest Outfits – Including Wearing Trousers to a Wedding

what to wear to a wedding, budget wedding guest outfits

If you have been invited to a Spring wedding you are probably wondering what to wear. So I’ve put together some suggestions depending on what kind of wedding it is from country house to city registry office, a couple of budget options and some trouser options, because I am frequently asked “Can I wear trousers to […]

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